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Laurie Penny on workfare’s unfair blame game
By Laurie Penny - 27 February 10:05

Twitter to the left of me, Daily Mail to the right: here I am, stuck in the middle.

Laurie Penny on Rick Santorum and the sexual counter-revolution
By Laurie Penny - 25 February 10:19

Anglo-American culture has never had a problem with sex - as long as it is carefully managed.

Can’t take a joke? Too right, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 19 February 11:19

Racist, sexist or homophobic banter draws its lazy humour from exclusion.

Laurie Penny on a subversive idea: compassion
By Laurie Penny - 08 February 10:53

Britain is being refashioned into a nation which believes that helping the needy is morally and fiscally wrong.

Laurie Penny: Don't be fooled by the Fred Goodwin sideshow
By Laurie Penny - 05 February 18:31

Gesture politics are good for only one thing: taking the edge off public outrage.

Why smacking children is no solution to social breakdown
By Laurie Penny - 30 January 12:47

My appearance on Channel 4 News, debating David Lammy's comments about parental failure and the riots.

Boris Johnson, Labour's lack of ideas, and electric cigarettes
By Laurie Penny - 28 January 10:02

My appearance on the Daily Politics.

Laurie Penny on why British journalists are taught to be dishonest
By Laurie Penny - 25 January 13:59

Free speech is shackled by the UK's libel laws.

Laurie Penny on the Occupy movement, three months on
By Laurie Penny - 18 January 11:37

The protest has become a network of mutual support for the lost and destitute.

Laurie Penny on Mrs T: unreliable narrator
By Laurie Penny - 16 January 12:26

There are many Maggie Thatchers, and which story we choose to tell says more about us than it does her.

Laurie Penny on New Girl: not so much a sitcom, more a new front in the war on twee
By Laurie Penny - 14 January 10:38

It's not technically impossible to fight patriarchy in a Hello Kitty thong.

"Divide and rule"? Diane Abbott was right, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 06 January 18:06

The privileged will do anything to distract attention from their own power.

Respect our elders? No chance, writes Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 03 January 14:21

The government's new youth strategy is nothing but spin.

Laurie Penny on what "panda-gate" tells us about sexism
By Laurie Penny - 28 December 16:26

Why were real women's brave, brilliant acts this year not considered newsworthy?

Laurie Penny, on the streets with Bloomberg's "private army"
By Laurie Penny - 13 December 11:10

"Whose tweets? Our tweets!" Sometimes, only puns will do.

Laurie Penny on how the 1% are blaming the victims
By Laurie Penny - 11 December 11:17

They want to punish us for wanting what they say we can't have.

Laurie Penny: Why the Pope has a point on child abuse
By Laurie Penny - 07 December 12:29

The abuse of children within the home is something that society has yet to tackle adequately.

Newt encounters a different kind of Tea Party, writes Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 05 December 11:19

"To my astonishment, the audience applauds. Gingrich is in a spot."

Occupy Black Friday, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 25 November 18:39

The yearly sales are a short-term sugar rush, in a world where true security is impossible.

Occupy the media: Laurie Penny on the freedom of press
By Laurie Penny - 23 November 12:28

Dissatisfaction with mainstream journalism is leading to a profound change in the way that protest is reported.

The US anti-choice lobby makes Nadine Dorries look like Vera Drake, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 20 November 11:52

To gain political capital, elected representatives are exploiting the national hysteria over abortion.

Laurie Penny on why the NYPD are kidnapping books
By Laurie Penny - 17 November 13:41

The dismantling of Occupy Wall Street's library is a metaphor for how our culture is policed.

Memo: water cannons part of the plan, Laurie Penny learns
By Laurie Penny - 09 November 12:54

Security firm's email also identifies location of possible kettle.

Modernising the monarchy? Hardly, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 06 November 10:07

The way the royals are reported is like a Disney film.

Squatting? It's a choice between homelessness and a criminal record, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 02 November 16:34

Moves to outlaw squatting in empty houses should be an outrage on the left.

Forget the "baby boomer" debate, says Laurie Penny - this is about cuts and class
By Laurie Penny - 29 October 13:28

My speech in a debate on inter-generational conflict, attacking team mate David Willetts. We lost.

Laurie Penny: If I can’t wear a short skirt, I don’t want your revolution
By Laurie Penny - 28 October 13:12

Advising women to avoid arousing potential rapists is a gross misunderstanding of the nature of sexual violence.

The old protest playlist won’t do for the Spotify generation
By Laurie Penny - 21 October 16:53

Today's movements are marked by pluralism and a rejection of conventional politics and ideological conformity.