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Barricades in front of the Madeleine during the Commune of Paris
Returning to the Commune of Paris
By Juliet Jacques - 13 November 9:27

Lissagaray’s seminal history is reissued – but why now?

Liz Jones and Me
By Juliet Jacques - 25 October 11:57

Juliet Jacques explores the complexities of "confessional" journalism.

Marina Abramović: "The Artist is Present"
By Juliet Jacques - 17 September 12:23

The legendary performance artist’s retrospective is lovingly documented on DVD.

Darren Eadie playing for Norwich City in 1996
Darren Eadie: Fighting depression in football
By Juliet Jacques - 30 August 8:48

The former Norwich and Leicester star talks further about his mental health campaign.

On "The Queer Art of Failure"
By Juliet Jacques - 24 August 11:03

Non-conformist queer perspectives offer radical alternatives to notions of "success".

Howard Wilkinson
The Last Champions
By Juliet Jacques - 30 July 11:34

Leeds United’s title win of 1992 was the last of its kind in many ways.

The ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture in front of the Olympic Stadium
The ArcelorMittal Orbit: London’s Eiffel Tower?
By Juliet Jacques - 11 July 13:14

The two towers are closer in ideology than iconography, but still worlds apart.

Belgian writer Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Rethinking the detective novel: Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s Reticence
By Juliet Jacques - 05 July 15:34

A mysterious narrator, tricks of the mind and admirably pragmatic prose.

Penny Arcade and her London dancers
Penny Arcade: "Someone is always queer"
By Juliet Jacques - 27 June 15:47

The performance artist talks bisexuality, feminism and being an outsider.

Justin Fashanu.
Justin Fashanu and the politics of memory
By Juliet Jacques - 02 May 11:38

The narrative that homophobia in football was primarily responsible for his death forms a dauntingly

Eva Peron
Parodying Eva Perón
By Juliet Jacques - 17 April 16:33

Copi and an Argentinian classic of queer theatre.

The turning of the tide
By Juliet Jacques - 13 February 16:57

The media's monstering of transgender people is finally being challenged.

My Transsexual Summer: The trouble with television
By Juliet Jacques - 18 November 13:06

The medium’s ability to improve its own minority representation is strictly limited.

The uses of role models
By Juliet Jacques - 12 November 9:55

Can inspirational LGBT figures help the victims of homophobic bullying?

Laughing matters?
By Juliet Jacques - 27 June 17:41

Attitudes towards trans people betray the wider failures of "alternative" comedy.

The Great English Vortex
By Juliet Jacques - 20 June 14:15

Tate Britain’s Vorticism exhibition revisits one of English art’s most radical and yet mysterious movements.

Transsexual people and the public eye
By Juliet Jacques - 17 June 14:14

What challenges would be faced by a famous person transitioning in public?

Chaz Bono and transgenderism's rich history
By Juliet Jacques - 26 May 16:59

A culture’s latest milestone.