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Playing after dark. Photo: Niall McDiarmid/Millennium Images
A journey into the dark heart of sport: Anna Krien's "Night Games"
By Juliet Jacques - 22 January 10:54

The William Hill 2014 Sports Book of the Year covers the rape trial of an Australian Rules footballer -- but also raises broader questions about how to resolve a culture clash.

Fuzzy logic: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Perish the thought: trying to impress the philosophy tutor
By Juliet Jacques - 25 September 10:00

Besides the sad realisation that after grad­uating these people will never realise the potential their teacher sees in them, there is deep melancholy beneath their fantasies about “Wittgenstein Jr” praising them.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Photo: Getty
Goodbye to the NHS: a personal story of a public service
By Juliet Jacques - 16 September 16:48

Juliet Jacques worked for the NHS through many of the reforms of recent years. Here, she tells the story of her personal involvement with the health service, from the audible gasps and moans from staff as the Coalition’s new structure was unveiled, to joining the dole queue once her job ceased to exist.

An LGBT pride parade. Photo: Getty
On the “dispute” between radical feminism and trans people
By Juliet Jacques - 06 August 11:32

In a world where left-wing politics has often derided LGBT identities as “bourgeois” and then accused us of splitting the movement, it infuriates me that I’ve had to take a break from writing a piece on the Tories’ “liberation” of the NHS to write 8,500 words to debunk a sexological concept that was shown to be untenable before the start of the First World War. 

Twitter's immediacy is both a boon and a curse for writers. Image: Kooroshication / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
On Twitter and opinion journalism: what is an opinion worth if everyone has one?
By Juliet Jacques - 05 August 16:09

Why should my opinions, or those of other comment journalists, be worth more than those of anyone else, especially now Twitter allows anyone to find an audience? 

The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.
Jacques Lacan: inspiring and infuriating in equal measure
By Juliet Jacques - 17 July 15:22

A new biography explores the power dynamics of psychoanalysis.

Photo: Getty
Juliet Jacques on Hélène Cixous: The Medusa gets the last laugh
By Juliet Jacques - 13 May 9:19

Cixous argued that rather than undermining the class struggle, militant women would "push it forward" to prevent it "from operating as a form of repression".

Janet Mock in June 2013. Photo: Getty
Janet Mock: “Who will ever love you if you tell the truth?”
By Juliet Jacques - 16 April 8:52

Juliet Jacques talk to US journalist Janet Mock about her book Redefining Realness.

New Statesman
Nanni Balestrini’s “Tristano”: the love story with 100 trillion possible plotlines
By Juliet Jacques - 17 February 12:07

Digital technology has finally made it possible for Tristano to be printed as the author intended. But should it be judged on its central device alone?

Hannah Höch, Kleine Sonne (Little Sun), 1969, collage, 16.3 x 24.2 cm, Landesban
The New Woman: Berlin’s feminist, Dadaist pioneer Hannah Höch
By Juliet Jacques - 18 January 9:10

The first major exhibition of Hannah Höch is being held at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Aeris Houlihan speaking about her dispute with her local team on YouTube.
Is enough being done to remove unfair obstacles to transsexual people playing football?
By Juliet Jacques - 13 December 11:37

Progress on their participation is being made – but not quickly enough.

New Statesman
From Morning to Midnight: a fiercely anti-Naturalistic epitome of the Expressionist style
By Juliet Jacques - 10 December 11:12

Georg Kaiser’s Expressionist morality tale at the National Theatre.

New Statesman
Travels of a transsexual football fan
By Juliet Jacques - 12 November 11:10

Normally, once I'm comfortable with people I don't worry too much about ‘passing’– that is, hiding my transsexual past – but I'm not sure how to play this. Are they reading and treating me as male or female?

New Statesman
The Currency of Paper by Alex Kovacs: How capitalism affects art
By Juliet Jacques - 18 September 10:16

A fascinating and funny dissection of the relationship between art and commerce.

New Statesman
Chelsea Manning, pronouns and the press
By Juliet Jacques - 05 September 12:40

It's been a fraught year for relations between trans people and the British press, from Richard Littlejohn singling out transsexual teacher Lucy Meadows, to the reaction to Chelsea Manning's announcement.

The icons that allow you to move through your life in Alter Ego.
Returning to Alter Ego
By Juliet Jacques - 09 August 10:47

What if you could live your life over again?

Grant Holt, football fandom and me
By Juliet Jacques - 15 July 11:09

A tribute to a dying breed, and the narratives around him.

Asunder by Chloe Aridjis: More interested in being than becoming
By Juliet Jacques - 17 June 14:45

Asunder communicates its ideas, and their supporting cultural references, subtly and efficiently.

Remembering Anthony Asquith’s Underground
By Juliet Jacques - 03 June 15:06

Juliet Jacques returns to one of Britain’s best silent films.

New Statesman
On "Triangle" by Sanja Iveković
By Juliet Jacques - 29 May 12:01

Juliet Jacques considers the changing meaning of a seminal work of performance art.

Occupy Washington. Situationist ideas can be seen in Occupy, the Yes Men, Anonym
The Spectacle of Disintegration
By Juliet Jacques - 16 May 16:22

An interview with McKenzie Wark.

Trans people and the media: compromise is neither desirable nor possible
By Juliet Jacques - 25 March 10:34

Some thoughts on their relationship in 2013.

Fanny and Stella.
Reviewed: Fanny & Stella - The Young Men in Women’s Clothes
By Juliet Jacques - 18 March 10:57

Neil McKenna’s book revisits one of Victorian Britain’s most explosive trials.

Heroines: From Zelda Fitzgerald to Jean Rhys
By Juliet Jacques - 12 March 15:06

An innovative "memoir" reassesses the place of women in modern literature.

B S Johnson.
Reviewed: Well Done God! Selected Prose and Drama of B S Johnson
By Juliet Jacques - 25 February 9:08

A new volume remembers "experimental" author B S Johnson as far more than a novelist.

Lars Iyer: "How refreshing it is to be insulted"
By Juliet Jacques - 04 February 11:12

An interview with the cult author about Exodus, the final novel in his trilogy about philosophy and writing.

A gay activist silhouetted against the LGBT flag at a rally at the University of
Trans people, pronouns and language
By Juliet Jacques - 16 January 8:30

When it comes to pronouns or gendered descriptors, it's better to allow people autonomy over their identities rather than impose your own preconceptions.

Early film still
Ten silent films you may not have seen (and may want to)
By Juliet Jacques - 13 January 12:34

Talkies took over, but as a form the silent movie stands the test of time.

Painting After Performance runs at Tate Modern until April 2013.
A Bigger Splash: Painting After Performance - review
By Juliet Jacques - 26 November 11:28

The Tate Modern’s new exhibition asks how painting and performance art met – and parted.