By Steve Richards - 09 August
Ken Livingstone walks on to the Commons Terrace on a blazing afternoon, wearing dark glasses, a
By Steve Richards - 12 July
Ian McCartney does not look like a new Labour moderniser. At last year's Trades Union Congress
By John Lloyd - 05 July
Robin Cook, the Foreign Secretary, believes that the liberation of Kosovo is the equal of the fall
By Mary Riddell - 21 June
On meeting Andrew Motion for the first time, the Prime Minister alluded to the new Poet Laureate's
By Steve Richards - 07 June
Not surprisingly Peter Hain is feeling battle-weary. His career as a minister for Wales began in
By Steve Richards - 10 May
"Our challenge can be summed up by one question: What do we do for an encore?"Alan Duncan, an old
By Mary Riddell - 03 May
Entertaining Irvine Welsh is a nervy business. For a start, it is hard to know quite whom to expect
By Steve Richards - 19 April
Gordon Brown is the most political chancellor since the war. Not only has he got a greater say over
By Ian Hargreaves - 29 January
A single strand of purple and silver Christmas decoration hangs from the door of Rhodri Morgan's
By Peter Wilby - 22 January
It says something about the single-mindedness (or perhaps narrow-mindedness) of new Labour that