By Viv Groskop - 04 April
Caroline Spelman, 46, has been MP for the rural West Midlands seat of Meriden since 1997. A former
By John Kampfner - 14 February
The government front bench is dominated by in- creasingly grumpy men who look older with every
By John Kampfner - 07 February
Before becoming Britain's top prosecutor, Ken Macdonald had spent his legal career defending people
By Peter Hain - 31 January
You read it here first. A third Labour term will be about "liveability". Peter Hain is talking
By John Kampfner - 13 December
Denis MacShane keeps the blue flag flying. The European Union flag stands resplendent alongside the
By John Kampfner - 08 November
The cavernous Ministry of Defence on Whitehall has a new look. Gone are the overhead pipes that
By John Kampfner - 04 October
I am not sure if there is such a person as a floating New Statesman voter. I am even less sure that
By Jack Straw - 27 September
Which is the real Jack Straw? The man who did all he could to avoid war? The man who expressed
By John Kampfner - 02 August
Sir John Stevens likes to get out and about, to see his city for himself. Sometimes he manages to
By John Kampfner - 05 July
David Blunkett has a lot to get off his chest. Almost before I sit down, he embarks on a critique