By John Kampfner - 29 March
Charles Clarke invited me to see him because he thought I had become obsessed with Iraq. Talking to
By John Kampfner - 19 January
Charles Kennedy had just returned to his Commons lair after announcing his party's plans to replace
By John Kampfner - 08 December
We arrive at Leeds railway station, but the car is not there. The private secretary gets straight
By Mary Riddell - 06 October
Paddy Ashdown is a good bag carrier. His made-in-the-Royal-Marines physique allows him to pick up
By John Kampfner - 29 September
It used to be said of Gordon Brown that he would identify where Tony Blair stood on any particular
By John Kampfner - 30 June
Elliot Morley is not a household name, which is a problem for more than just him. The new
By Mary Riddell - 09 June
David Bell is a natural diplomat. Does he prefer Charles Clarke to Estelle Morris? The chief
By Mary Riddell - 26 May
Matthias Kelly has just got back from court, where, sitting as a recorder, he sent a second-time
By Mary Riddell - 19 May
Neil MacGregor likes flying, which is just as well. In the month following the sacking of Iraq's
By John Kampfner - 03 March
John Reid, party chairman and minister without portfolio, is Tony Blair's lightning conductor and