By Sophie Elmhirst - 12 May
You act, write and present television shows. How would you define yourself? I'm an actor.
By Sophie Elmhirst - 04 May
Why spend a career buried in royal history?I remember friends saying, "Why don't you do
By Helen Lewis - 27 April
Russell Howard
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 27 April
Do you think that the best nature writing aspires to a kind of communion with the natural world?The
By Samira Shackle - 20 April
You are the first woman to lead a Hindu organisation in Britain. Has it been difficult?Non-Hindus
By Helen Lewis - 06 April
Do you feel English, British or something else?I feel English but, for some reason, I never use the
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 31 March
Were you surprised by how much attention Reality Hunger, your previous book, received?I was
By Mehdi Hasan - 31 March
You've just written a book. What is its thesis?It's a call to arms. We've globalised our economy
By Sophie Elmhirst - 24 March
You say a book on the popes has been at the back of your mind for 25 years. What made you finally