By Jonathan Derbyshire - 17 October
Literary theory looms large in your new novel, The Marriage Plot. Would you say that being put
By Sophie Elmhirst - 13 October
Your success, in your own words, has been a "slow burn". Do you mind?I'm glad that
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 10 October
Your book Winter King is about the "dawn of Tudor England". Why are we obsessed with the
By Sophie Elmhirst - 07 October
Are you an artist first and a writer second?I suppose they coexist evenly. I don't worry about it
By Jon Bernstein - 04 October
"I can't see myself being Mother of the House."
By Samira Shackle - 26 September
Were you always interested in fashion?I wasn't even particularly aware of fashion, as a country kid
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 26 September
Your first book, Stasiland, was non-fiction. Did you always intend your second to be a novel?I
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 26 September
Phillip Gould