By Mary Riddell - 03 May
Entertaining Irvine Welsh is a nervy business. For a start, it is hard to know quite whom to expect
By Steve Richards - 19 April
Gordon Brown is the most political chancellor since the war. Not only has he got a greater say over
By Ian Hargreaves - 29 January
A single strand of purple and silver Christmas decoration hangs from the door of Rhodri Morgan's
By Peter Wilby - 22 January
It says something about the single-mindedness (or perhaps narrow-mindedness) of new Labour that
By Steve Richards - 08 January
As long ago as 1983 Michael Foot was written off in much of the media as a frail old man only just
David Attenborough.
By Mary Riddell - 18 December
Just a "boring left-wing liberal"
By Steve Richards - 11 December
Alun Michael is Welsh. Have you got that? He is Welsh to the ends of his fingertips. As Welsh as
By Mary Riddell - 20 November
The trouble with his family, Chris Powell says, is that none of them has ever really done anything
By Steve Richards - 13 November
Amidst the large, imposing paintings in Robin Cook's office, there stands a more treasured work of