By Sophie Elmhirst - 03 February
“God is a force – terror and enlightenment at the same time” Was Coriolanus,
By Jason Cowley - 02 February
The former chancellor on Osborne's failure, Scottish independence and why Labour needs David Miliband.
By Sophie Elmhirst - 01 February
The Arab world is still in turmoil. Why write about the Arab spring so soon? That was a
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 23 January
Your book The Right Kind of History examines the teaching of history in English schools in the 20th
By Alice Gribbin - 19 January
Why choose to research sickle-cell disease?It has hardly been recognised from a public health
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 16 January
Your novel, The Art of Fielding - which is your first - was ten years in gestation. What took you
By Samira Shackle - 09 January
You're a well-known libertarian but had a communist phase . . .To say I had a communist stage would
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 09 January
Can you sum up the case for a conservative environmentalism that you make in your new book, Green
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 02 January
Why did you decide to return to Nigeria more than a decade after the execution of your father, Ken