By Jonathan Derbyshire - 14 November
The new, condensed edition of your four-volume history of the City of London will be read through
By Sophie Elmhirst - 14 November
What are your fears for the NHS right now?Two things: the NHS reforms and the role of general
Andy Burnman
By Rafael Behr - 14 November
A veteran civil servant at the Department of Health once described the experience of working with
By Sophie Elmhirst - 10 November
Your films are experimental, yet you live in Hollywood. How does that work?If I had moved there
By Alice Gribbin - 08 November
Is there an ideal way to read a poem? Multiply. To read aloud, to read it silently to yourself,
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 31 October
Would it be accurate to describe your new novel, Ed King, as a retooling of the Oedipus myth?Yes,
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 24 October
Can you summarise the central argument of your new book, The Price of Civilisation?I'm saying that