By Jackie Ashley - 18 December
Charles Clarke, once Neil Kinnock's right-hand man, now widely tipped for promotion into the Blair
By Jackie Ashley - 11 December
Gus Macdonald should be in the Cabinet. Who thinks so? Well, he does - or so he hints. At present,
By Jackie Ashley - 27 November
Is it the lot of all female politicians who rise beyond pipsqueak level to be dubbed a bit batty or
By Anne McElvoy - 13 November
Tory Boy, where are you now? Butt of Harry Enfield jokes, target of lefty student protests. What
By Jackie Ashley - 23 October
Was it supreme courage, or suicidal political folly? After a year when asylum-seeker bashing has
By Jackie Ashley - 02 October
For Alistair Darling, the timing could have been better. There's the government, preparing to
By Jackie Ashley - 25 September
While I'm waiting to interview the Home Secretary his assistant brings me a cup of tea. I may have
By Steve Richards - 11 September
''Bill wants to talk about the euro. Obviously, he will talk about lots of things, but he is
By Stephen Fay - 04 September
Michael Atherton was destined to become a professional sportsman. His paternal grandfather was a
By Mary Riddell - 07 August
On 31 July the Mirror's splash erroneously consigned Mo Mowlam to political oblivion. "Mo: I'll Go