By Steve Richards - 11 September
''Bill wants to talk about the euro. Obviously, he will talk about lots of things, but he is
By Stephen Fay - 04 September
Michael Atherton was destined to become a professional sportsman. His paternal grandfather was a
By Mary Riddell - 07 August
On 31 July the Mirror's splash erroneously consigned Mo Mowlam to political oblivion. "Mo: I'll Go
By Steve Richards - 26 June
A politician who defects to another party is guaranteed intoxicating stardom for 48 hours. After
By Mary Riddell - 05 June
There is something oddly doomful about the prospect of meeting Norman Tebbit; an impression
By Mary Riddell - 22 May
First, I get the lecture. I am, on no account, to stray from Helena Kennedy's chosen agenda into
By Steve Richards - 15 May
Margaret Macdonagh is in an apologetic mood. The word "sorry" recurs several times in the interview
By Mary Riddell - 24 April
On Budget day, Barry Jackson was invited for afternoon tea at the office of the Secretary of State
By Michael Leapman - 10 April
If Simon Jenkins would only stick to his fonts and flying buttresses, he would not get up so many
By John Lloyd - 03 April
"I think that our policies are miles better than the Tories'," says Peter Hain. It is not the most