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Indus River floods increase Pakistan's woes

Punjab and Sindh provinces are feeling the full effects of the over-flowing Indus River as Monsoon d

Monsoon rainwater that has flooded the Indus River is pushing its way south through Pakistan.

Mohsin Leghari, a Member of Punjab regional assembly, explained of the helpless situation in which he and his people find themselves, "If it rains that brings misery and if it is sunny, then the sun brings misery. With all the water, the humidity level goes up so much that it becomes difficult to breathe. Their crops have gone, their livestock has gone, the infrastructure, the roads are gone".

Pakistan's meteorological service warned of floods in Hyderabad district, which could spread devastation further south in Sindh province. They also issued a "significant" flood forecast for Kalabagh and Chashma in Punjab.