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Commuters travelling by train at Waterloo Railway Station, London, c1939.
Is the age of a newspaper’s “imperial editor” over? Or just beginning?
By Ian Leslie - 14 April 9:55

Now that we have infinite space on the internet and huge volumes of data about what people read, is there a role for the powerful individual who shapes a publication according to personal taste?

Electronic terminals are taking over the casino floors in Las Vegas. Photo: Getty
Addiction as art: How gambling machines – and the digital world – put us in “the machine zone”
By Ian Leslie - 06 March 9:44

A quiet revolution has taken place in gambling, with electronic terminals finely-tuned into the perfect devices for parting you from your money. Rather than thrilling you, they lull you into a calm, machine-like state that gives the illusion of control.

Kodak vs Instagram: This is why it's only going to get harder to make a good living
By Ian Leslie - 28 January 11:29

Politicians no longer change the world, technology does. Even as wealth has become more concentrated, power has become more dispersed.

The furore over M&S's Muslim staff policy shows that Islamophobia is a problem
By Ian Leslie - 23 December 10:46

Our national news agenda is distorted by a deep suspicion of Muslims.

Politicians are from Alpha, Geeks are from Beta. Will they ever get along?
By Ian Leslie - 22 November 16:02

When they are forced collaborate – as they increasingly have to these days – it’s like a horse and a cow attempting to procreate.

New Statesman
Why everyone should wear a veil in court
By Ian Leslie - 17 September 12:54

Humans are terrible lie detectors, but we believe ourselves to be practically flawless. That's why banning the veil in court will never lead to better justice.

Is the internet killing gossip?
By Ian Leslie - 12 September 13:20

Social media lull us into thinking we’re whispering to a friend at a party, when in reality we’re shouting through a megaphone. But every time we hold back from dishing the dirt, we become a little bit less human.