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The NS Interview: Russell Howard
By Helen Lewis - 27 April 12:45

“If a comedian’s naughty joke is on the front page, there’s no news”

"If you can kick it, drive it or shoot it, people will play it here": video games in the Middle East
By Helen Lewis - 26 April 19:02

An interview with the Jordan-based game developer Candide Kirk.

"I got invited to David Walliams's wedding . . . but I'd have just been on my own at the buffet"
By Helen Lewis - 25 April 14:32

A few extra bits from my interview with Russell Howard.

The politics of games -- and why there are no virtual romcoms
By Helen Lewis - 15 April 17:36

Weasel News, templars in the supreme court and socialism in <em>Fable 3</em> -- more from Naomi Alde

What's your pet hate about bad video game writing?
By Helen Lewis - 14 April 13:52

One-note characters, bad exposition and boring choices -- Naomi Alderman and David Varela give their

"It was supposed to be the opposite of a misery memoir"
By Helen Lewis - 11 April 18:15

Harold Pinter, Marie Antoinette and the Kindle -- some extra bits from my interview with Antonia Fra

Taste of a nation
By Helen Lewis - 07 April 17:11

Is there such a thing as English cuisine?

The NS Interview: Antonia Fraser
By Helen Lewis - 06 April 18:03

“The preoccupation with class is the bad side of Englishness.”

Theatre on a screen
By Helen Lewis - 31 March 13:43

What's it like to watch Danny Boyle's play <em>Frankenstein</em> at the IMAX? Pretty amazing, actual

"I vote sentimentally. James Callaghan waved at me in the 1970s"
By Helen Lewis - 25 March 15:39

From Samuel Johnson to <em>The King's Speech</em>: a few bits of my interview with Frank Skinner tha

The NS Interview: Frank Skinner
By Helen Lewis - 24 March 13:30

“People are more accepting of transvestism than Catholicism.”

Game of the year? Not for me, it wasn't . . .
By Helen Lewis - 17 March 16:12

<em>Mass Effect 2</em> is fun and polished -- but it didn't deserve to pick up the top prize at the

One man's quest to create the perfect chip
By Helen Lewis - 16 March 12:26

A dizzying story of money, obsession and the world's biggest cookbook.

Will "Tolstoy Hero" ever sound like a good idea?
By Helen Lewis - 15 March 9:54

<em>The Great Gatsby</em> game has gone viral -- but we should be grateful that game developers aren

For God's sake . . . this isn't offensive
By Helen Lewis - 04 March 12:02

The British Humanist Assocation's census campaign adverts were rejected by billboard companies. Why?

Why girls love video games – and how to deal with “griefers”
By Helen Lewis - 28 February 13:04

The full transcript of my interview with Jane McGonigal, author of <i>Reality Is Broken</i>.

Barry Norman's moving tribute to his late wife
By Helen Lewis - 12 February 12:28

The film critic on Diana, who died two weeks ago.

Can anything derail The King’s Speech?
By Helen Lewis - 12 February 11:29

On Baftas weekend, a look at this year’s blockbuster British film.

The Books Interview: Jane McGonigal
By Helen Lewis - 12 February 10:13

The author of <i>Reality Is Broken</i> on making the world better through computer games.

Exclusive: WikiLeaks's ex-spokesman on Julian Assange
By Helen Lewis - 11 February 0:24

Daniel Domscheit-Berg on his fears for the site -- and why Assange was nicknamed "the Disco King".

The Books Interview: Jasper Fforde
By Helen Lewis - 10 February 15:11

The author of the <i>Thursday Next</i> novels in conversation.

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
By Helen Lewis - 10 February 15:09

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
Jane McGonigal, Jonathan Cape, 320pp, £12.99

Taking on Pig Business
By Helen Lewis - 09 February 13:30

Tracy Worcester's fight against the excesses of industrial pig farming reaches Brussels.

Mark Thomas: "My career is built out of the smell of burned bridges"
By Helen Lewis - 07 February 15:12

The comedian and activist on his new show and walking the "wall" between Israel and the West Bank.

The NS Interview: Rosamund Pike, actor
By Helen Lewis - 03 February 11:07

“Ignorance mixed with politics is a dangerous combination”

Five amazing things: astronomy
By Helen Lewis - 30 January 13:14

The best of the web, brought to you.

Philip Pullman bashes the "big society"
By Helen Lewis - 27 January 18:55

The author attacks the "big society" and market fundamentalism as part of an impassioned defence of

Aaron Sorkin: why I'm not on Facebook
By Helen Lewis - 23 January 10:28

The writer of <i>The Social Network</i> on privacy, WikiLeaks and geeks who hate women.

What did you think of "10 O'Clock Live"?
By Helen Lewis - 21 January 11:01

It got a fearful slagging-off on Twitter, but was it deserved?

A witty, tragic tale of possible murder
By Helen Lewis - 20 January 16:53

Paul Giamatti plays a flawed but forgivable man who might have murdered his friend in <em>Barney’s V