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I'm Feeling Lucky: the Confessions of Google Employee Number 59
By Helen Lewis - 01 August 1:00

What was it like to know Larry and Sergey in the company's early days?

"You can't just take a comedy act and stick it into Google Translate!"
By Helen Lewis - 31 July 12:50

Henning Wehn on silly puns and why Stewart Lee is wrong about joking in German.

Why our parliament is literally beyond satire
By Helen Lewis - 27 July 13:25

Comedy shows are banned from using Commons footage.

The NS Interview: Josie Long
By Helen Lewis - 25 July 1:00

“I love voting! I’d vote three times if I could”

How healthy is British satire?
By Helen Lewis - 21 July 14:29

A discussion with John Oliver of <em>The Daily Show</em> about UK and US humour.

"Women make trade-offs between success and likability"
By Helen Lewis - 17 July 13:17

A fascinating profile of Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg raises important questions about women in the wo

Jeremy Clarkson defends the "Chipping Norton set"
By Helen Lewis - 17 July 12:32

It wasn't BSkyB David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks talked about over their "Christmas-time" dinner: it

A worrying tale of Amazon's power
By Helen Lewis - 09 July 14:09

Mark Lynas's book on environmentalism appears to have been withdrawn from sale. Why?

"Superman is a socialist superhero"
By Helen Lewis - 07 July 15:52

The graphic novelist Grant Morrison on the evolution of secular gods, his love of happy endings . .

Nathan Myhrvold interview: “If music can be art, why can’t food?”
By Helen Lewis - 05 July 8:23

Nathan Myhrvold was Stephen Hawking's researcher and Bill Gates's right-hand man at Microsoft. Now, he aims to reinvent the cookbook. 

Reginald D Hunter: “Old and middle-class people, if you scare them, they vote”
By Helen Lewis - 23 June 12:41

The comedian talks about race, Republicans and why stand-ups shouldn't be nice.

Tom Hollander: "Famous people don't hear the word 'no' enough"
By Helen Lewis - 20 June 16:48

The Rev actor talks about playing a vicar, believing in God and attending university with Nick Clegg

"When I first heard about virtual reality I thought: is there any other kind?"
By Helen Lewis - 17 June 18:13

In this full Q&A, Alan Moore talks about the multiverse, <i>Tetris</i> and cruel comedy

Alan Moore: "I've disproved the existence of death"
By Helen Lewis - 16 June 12:06

The comic book author talks about writing a 750,000 word prose novel about Northampton.

"If we could prove string theory wrong, I would be thrilled!"
By Helen Lewis - 11 June 10:35

In this full Q&A, physicist Brian Greene talks about God, the multiverse and the theory of everythin

"In science, you've got to go against what the elders are saying"
By Helen Lewis - 09 June 14:41

The string theorist Brian Greene has grown from maths prodigy to physics iconoclast. Now he hopes to

The NS Interview: Precious Lunga, epidemiologist
By Helen Lewis - 09 June 14:41

“When I say I’m a scientist, you can see people blinking.”

"What makes LA Noire so good as a filmic experience holds it back as a game"
By Helen Lewis - 09 June 11:24

Trying to copy the movie business has its pitfalls.

Could video games inform education policy?
By Helen Lewis - 27 May 16:16

Games' fundamental principles -- such as rewarding success, removing the sting from failure -- could

Notes in the margin: Super Ted
By Helen Lewis - 26 May 13:11

The not-for-profit foundation dedicated to "ideas worth spreading".

Finding the holy grail of video game music
By Helen Lewis - 17 May 16:22

The composer Richard Jacques and the academic James Newman on chip tunes, orchestral soundtracks and

The NS Interview: Heston Blumenthal, chef
By Helen Lewis - 16 May 16:10

“Sucking the heads off prawns is one of life’s great pleasures”

Praise be! The PlayStation Network is back online again
By Helen Lewis - 15 May 21:42

After a three-week shutdown, I can once again play <em>Little Big Planet</em> the way nature intende

Hugh Grant: tabloid scrutiny is like living under the Stasi
By Helen Lewis - 14 May 13:21

In the wake of his <em>New Statesman</em> scoop, the actor debates privacy and superinjunctions.

Portal 2: The best sequel since the second Godfather film.
By Helen Lewis - 12 May 13:28

Hell isn't other people: it's being a lab rat for a company that refers to a ball as an "edgeless sa

Leave Doctor Who to the kids
By Helen Lewis - 12 May 13:28

The writers shouldn't have to please grumpy twentysomethings like me.

"The struggle of games writing is finding ideas that are the right size and shape"
By Helen Lewis - 09 May 18:39

Ed Stern, lead writer of the upcoming first-person shooter game <em>Brink</em>, on auteurs, bad acti

So, farewell then, 10 O'Clock Live
By Helen Lewis - 05 May 13:32

Even though I liked it, I have to admit it was a flop. But why did it fail?

"Mr President, if your hair gets any whiter, the Tea Party is going to endorse it"
By Helen Lewis - 01 May 11:54

Barack Obama pokes fun at Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner -- and gets mocked

Balancing history and fiction -- and writing that 14th draft
By Helen Lewis - 28 April 13:05

Interview with Stewart Binns, author of the historical novel <em>Conquest</em>.