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The politics of games -- and why there are no virtual romcoms
By Helen Lewis - 15 April 17:36

Weasel News, templars in the supreme court and socialism in <em>Fable 3</em> -- more from Naomi Alde

What's your pet hate about bad video game writing?
By Helen Lewis - 14 April 13:52

One-note characters, bad exposition and boring choices -- Naomi Alderman and David Varela give their

"It was supposed to be the opposite of a misery memoir"
By Helen Lewis - 11 April 18:15

Harold Pinter, Marie Antoinette and the Kindle -- some extra bits from my interview with Antonia Fra

Taste of a nation
By Helen Lewis - 07 April 17:11

Is there such a thing as English cuisine?

The NS Interview: Antonia Fraser
By Helen Lewis - 06 April 18:03

“The preoccupation with class is the bad side of Englishness.”

Theatre on a screen
By Helen Lewis - 31 March 13:43

What's it like to watch Danny Boyle's play <em>Frankenstein</em> at the IMAX? Pretty amazing, actual

"I vote sentimentally. James Callaghan waved at me in the 1970s"
By Helen Lewis - 25 March 15:39

From Samuel Johnson to <em>The King's Speech</em>: a few bits of my interview with Frank Skinner tha

The NS Interview: Frank Skinner
By Helen Lewis - 24 March 13:30

“People are more accepting of transvestism than Catholicism.”

Game of the year? Not for me, it wasn't . . .
By Helen Lewis - 17 March 16:12

<em>Mass Effect 2</em> is fun and polished -- but it didn't deserve to pick up the top prize at the

One man's quest to create the perfect chip
By Helen Lewis - 16 March 12:26

A dizzying story of money, obsession and the world's biggest cookbook.

Will "Tolstoy Hero" ever sound like a good idea?
By Helen Lewis - 15 March 9:54

<em>The Great Gatsby</em> game has gone viral -- but we should be grateful that game developers aren

For God's sake . . . this isn't offensive
By Helen Lewis - 04 March 12:02

The British Humanist Assocation's census campaign adverts were rejected by billboard companies. Why?

Why girls love video games – and how to deal with “griefers”
By Helen Lewis - 28 February 13:04

The full transcript of my interview with Jane McGonigal, author of <i>Reality Is Broken</i>.

Barry Norman's moving tribute to his late wife
By Helen Lewis - 12 February 12:28

The film critic on Diana, who died two weeks ago.

Can anything derail The King’s Speech?
By Helen Lewis - 12 February 11:29

On Baftas weekend, a look at this year’s blockbuster British film.

The Books Interview: Jane McGonigal
By Helen Lewis - 12 February 10:13

The author of <i>Reality Is Broken</i> on making the world better through computer games.

Exclusive: WikiLeaks's ex-spokesman on Julian Assange
By Helen Lewis - 11 February 0:24

Daniel Domscheit-Berg on his fears for the site -- and why Assange was nicknamed "the Disco King".

The Books Interview: Jasper Fforde
By Helen Lewis - 10 February 15:11

The author of the <i>Thursday Next</i> novels in conversation.

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
By Helen Lewis - 10 February 15:09

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
Jane McGonigal, Jonathan Cape, 320pp, £12.99

Taking on Pig Business
By Helen Lewis - 09 February 13:30

Tracy Worcester's fight against the excesses of industrial pig farming reaches Brussels.

Mark Thomas: "My career is built out of the smell of burned bridges"
By Helen Lewis - 07 February 15:12

The comedian and activist on his new show and walking the "wall" between Israel and the West Bank.

The NS Interview: Rosamund Pike, actor
By Helen Lewis - 03 February 11:07

“Ignorance mixed with politics is a dangerous combination”

Five amazing things: astronomy
By Helen Lewis - 30 January 13:14

The best of the web, brought to you.

Philip Pullman bashes the "big society"
By Helen Lewis - 27 January 18:55

The author attacks the "big society" and market fundamentalism as part of an impassioned defence of

Aaron Sorkin: why I'm not on Facebook
By Helen Lewis - 23 January 10:28

The writer of <i>The Social Network</i> on privacy, WikiLeaks and geeks who hate women.

What did you think of "10 O'Clock Live"?
By Helen Lewis - 21 January 11:01

It got a fearful slagging-off on Twitter, but was it deserved?

A witty, tragic tale of possible murder
By Helen Lewis - 20 January 16:53

Paul Giamatti plays a flawed but forgivable man who might have murdered his friend in <em>Barney’s V

The optimism of Mark Stevenson
By Helen Lewis - 07 January 11:35

The former pop star and cryptographer who knows how to save the world.

Why Britain needs its own Jon Stewart
By Helen Lewis - 28 December 13:42

Channel 4 is cutting down on The Daily Show – and it's a crying shame.{C}

Eddie Izzard, star of Believe.
Call me Edward: the documentary that shows why Eddie Izzard is a true pioneer
By Helen Lewis - 20 December 14:48

Eddie Izzard came out as a transvestite by turning up on stage in a dress and heels on the opening night of his first proper tour. It feels as if he was determined that, if he was going to be successful, it would be on his own terms. A new documentary cha