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Daughters on the stage
By Helen Lewis - 14 November 0:00

What was life like for the first actresses?

What about the men?
By Helen Lewis - 10 November 14:45

Male writers on whether their experience of online abuse is as bad as women's.

Stop messing with Jane Austen!
By Helen Lewis - 09 November 11:30

Murder mysteries, zombie horror stories, eye-watering erotic novels - why does everyone rewrite Pride & Prejudice?

On rape threats and internet trolls
By Helen Lewis - 06 November 12:33

What I've learned about the sexism directed at female bloggers.

Steve Jobs: monster and genius
By Helen Lewis - 05 November 9:44

An insight into the man who crowdsourced his own marriage.

"You should have your tongue ripped out": the reality of sexist abuse online
By Helen Lewis - 03 November 12:51

Female bloggers speak out about misogynist comments, rape threats and death threats.

"Oh Wow": the life and death of Steve Jobs
By Helen Lewis - 01 November 10:32

The last words of the Apple founder revealed a side of him that was usually hidden.

"Twitter, at its worst, is a megaphone for lunatics"
By Helen Lewis - 26 October 12:23

Rob Brydon on Steve Coogan, Hackgate and the perils of celebrity.

Comedy and offence: a reader
By Helen Lewis - 19 October 13:01

From Anne Frank's drum kit to PC gone mad, the best articles on this knotty cultural debate.

“My father told me I should go into word processing”
By Helen Lewis - 18 October 11:52

Actor Gillian Anderson on slapstick, motherhood and the perils of Googling yourself.

Why aren't women funny on TV?
By Helen Lewis - 11 October 14:05

All-male panel show line-ups are making me lose my sense of humour.

Boris v Paxo: the oddest political interview ever?
By Helen Lewis - 05 October 11:13

<i>Newsnight</i>'s creaky encounter was a lowlight of the conference season.

£50m for atomic-scale chicken wire
By Helen Lewis - 03 October 14:21

One welcome piece of news from George Osborne's speech.

Labour's odd plan to get bad journalists "struck off"
By Helen Lewis - 27 September 12:03

Ivan Lewis has a proposal to clean up the press. Shame it's unworkable and illiberal.

No, satire isn't destroying politics
By Helen Lewis - 26 August 14:36

Don't blame Ian Hislop for the lack of respect we show politicians.

"My sympathies have always been with the bullied rather than the bully."
By Helen Lewis - 10 August 17:50

Graham Linehan on comedy writing, politics and Twitter.

Violent games might be tasteless, but are they dangerous?
By Helen Lewis - 08 August 1:00

In defence of <i>Call Of Duty</i> and the rest.

How I won the World Cup (from the comfort of my sofa)
By Helen Lewis - 04 August 1:00

A nostalgic look back at sports games of the past.

Jon Stewart reacts incredulously to the Daily Show's British ban
By Helen Lewis - 03 August 15:18

"I've seen the s*** you air on Channel 4," says the comedian.

It's PMQs -- the video game
By Helen Lewis - 01 August 12:50

A turn-based battle with odd-looking men . . . has been turned into a game.

The NS Interview: Ruth Rogers, chef
By Helen Lewis - 01 August 1:00

“None of my staff would work for a chef who bullied and shouted”

I'm Feeling Lucky: the Confessions of Google Employee Number 59
By Helen Lewis - 01 August 1:00

What was it like to know Larry and Sergey in the company's early days?

"You can't just take a comedy act and stick it into Google Translate!"
By Helen Lewis - 31 July 12:50

Henning Wehn on silly puns and why Stewart Lee is wrong about joking in German.

Why our parliament is literally beyond satire
By Helen Lewis - 27 July 13:25

Comedy shows are banned from using Commons footage.

The NS Interview: Josie Long
By Helen Lewis - 25 July 1:00

“I love voting! I’d vote three times if I could”

How healthy is British satire?
By Helen Lewis - 21 July 14:29

A discussion with John Oliver of <em>The Daily Show</em> about UK and US humour.

"Women make trade-offs between success and likability"
By Helen Lewis - 17 July 13:17

A fascinating profile of Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg raises important questions about women in the wo

Jeremy Clarkson defends the "Chipping Norton set"
By Helen Lewis - 17 July 12:32

It wasn't BSkyB David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks talked about over their "Christmas-time" dinner: it

A worrying tale of Amazon's power
By Helen Lewis - 09 July 14:09

Mark Lynas's book on environmentalism appears to have been withdrawn from sale. Why?

"Superman is a socialist superhero"
By Helen Lewis - 07 July 15:52

The graphic novelist Grant Morrison on the evolution of secular gods, his love of happy endings . .