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Take Me Out and the failures of feminism
By Alan White - 17 February 13:28

In this guest post, Alan White says that the ideology has taken a pounding from the postmodernist wrecking ball.

Why PETA makes me want to eat a barn owl
By Helen Lewis - 16 February 12:32

What's better than domestic violence imagery? Sexy domestic violence imagery!

Helen, 28, has some thoughts on Page 3
By Helen Lewis - 24 January 16:42

Women's groups appear at the Leveson inquiry to talk about media sexism.

Does Steven Moffat have a problem with women?
By Helen Lewis - 09 January 13:13

A debate over the Doctor Who and Sherlock writer's attitude to female characters.

Who is really exploiting Louise Mensch's looks here?
By Helen Lewis - 03 January 13:35

Predictable harrumphing about the Tory MP's photoshoot with GQ.

Thatcher’s legacy, baby-faced dictators and funny women
By Helen Lewis - 02 January 0:00

Helen Lewis-Hasteley on Maggie and legacy-building, tots with lethal toys and the press and the publ

It's time to give up Twitterstorms
By James Ball - 30 December 14:59

In this guest post, James Ball argues that perpetual outrage is obscuring the truly important issues

Feminism's biggest challenge for 2012: justifying its existence
By Helen Lewis - 29 December 14:40

No one likes being told what to do.

All I want for Christmas is… presents that aren’t bloody pink
By Helen Lewis - 22 December 14:28

The rigid gender division of toys is a problem for both boys and girls.

“Science tells you that your opinion is worthless. That’s difficult”
By Helen Lewis - 08 December 11:50

The NS Interview: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, physicists

Batman: Arkham City (Rocksteady)
By Helen Lewis - 06 December 11:12

Helen Lewis-Hasteley enjoys swooping round Gotham as a superhero.

Where the wild food is
By Helen Lewis - 05 December 0:00

Why foodies are getting excited about foraging

Jaw-dropping anecdotes, Muslim jokes and Murakami’s sexy ear
By Helen Lewis - 05 December 0:00

Regular readers will remember Paul McMullan, the safari-suited defender of the tabloid press who was memorably recorded by Hugh Grant spilling the beans about phone-hacking in an undercover exposé for this magazine.

Wendy Cope.
Wendy Cope interview: "I can't die until I've sorted out the filing cabinets"
By Helen Lewis - 03 December 8:53

As Wendy Cope donates her archive of correspondence and diaries to the British Library, is the literary world at last taking her seriously?

"The web is a bit like the forest in the 14th century: it's totally outside the law"
By Helen Lewis - 01 December 14:16

Shadow media minister Helen Goodman on internet sexism, the future of news -- and the perils of anon

What can the Leveson Inquiry do about the paparazzi?
By Helen Lewis - 24 November 10:46

While the rest of the press practises its "contrite face", the paps are unabashed.

My sense of humour failure over "woman on the left"
By Helen Lewis - 22 November 12:20

Why didn't I find the Twitter flutter as entertaining as everyone else?

“I had some magical trotters on my wedding night”
By Helen Lewis - 16 November 0:00

The NS Interview: Fergus Henderson, chef at St John

What actresses eat, Herman's gaffes and why I’m turning into Batman
By Helen Lewis - 15 November 14:49

My column from the latest <em>New Statesman</em> magazine.

Normal person + internet anonymity = ?
By Helen Lewis - 14 November 17:08

Talking on <em>Woman's Hour</em> about sexist trolling online.

Daughters on the stage
By Helen Lewis - 14 November 0:00

What was life like for the first actresses?

What about the men?
By Helen Lewis - 10 November 14:45

Male writers on whether their experience of online abuse is as bad as women's.

Stop messing with Jane Austen!
By Helen Lewis - 09 November 11:30

Murder mysteries, zombie horror stories, eye-watering erotic novels - why does everyone rewrite Pride & Prejudice?

On rape threats and internet trolls
By Helen Lewis - 06 November 12:33

What I've learned about the sexism directed at female bloggers.

Steve Jobs: monster and genius
By Helen Lewis - 05 November 9:44

An insight into the man who crowdsourced his own marriage.

"You should have your tongue ripped out": the reality of sexist abuse online
By Helen Lewis - 03 November 12:51

Female bloggers speak out about misogynist comments, rape threats and death threats.

"Oh Wow": the life and death of Steve Jobs
By Helen Lewis - 01 November 10:32

The last words of the Apple founder revealed a side of him that was usually hidden.

"Twitter, at its worst, is a megaphone for lunatics"
By Helen Lewis - 26 October 12:23

Rob Brydon on Steve Coogan, Hackgate and the perils of celebrity.

Comedy and offence: a reader
By Helen Lewis - 19 October 13:01

From Anne Frank's drum kit to PC gone mad, the best articles on this knotty cultural debate.

“My father told me I should go into word processing”
By Helen Lewis - 18 October 11:52

Actor Gillian Anderson on slapstick, motherhood and the perils of Googling yourself.