Paris merge of anti-infective research teams

Biocitech announces the merger of the anti-infective research teams of Pharma Omnium International o

Biocitech, a Paris-based life science technology park, has announced the amalgamation on its campus of the anti-infective research teams of Pharma Omnium International, a French pharma firm specialized in research into anti-infectives.

Pharma Omnium has increased its research efforts by acquiring two French biotech firms, Mutabilis and Cellvir in June 2009 and May 2010 respectively.

The Mutabilis researchers, who were already working on the Biocitech campus, are expected to be merged with those from Cellvir, which is moving into newly equipped facilities in Biocitech.

The Pharma Omnium research centre resulting from this merger will consist of 35 researchers, biologists, microbiologists, virologists, biochemists and medical chemists, all specialised in research into anti-infectives.

Francois Boussard, president of Biocitech, said: "The arrival of these new researchers rounds off the anti-infective research already being carried out by residents of the park."

Michel Caligiuri, operations Director of Biocitech, said: "Centralising Pharma Omnium's research effort on the Biocitech campus was made possible through the close collaboration between the scientists of Pharma Omnium and Biocitech's operational experts on the spot, and this process of integration has established a genuine relationship of mutual trust."

Stephane Hugue, chairman of Pharma Omnium, said: "Installing all our researchers on the Biocitech campus is a milestone in the development of our anti-infective research unit."