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Pharmaceutical maker recalls mouthwash bottles in US, Canada

Proctor & Gamble says some bottles of Scope mouthwash have defective child-resistant caps.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has voluntarily recalled a small percentage of 1-liter bottles of Scope Original Mint and Scope Peppermint mouthwash in the US and Canada, due to malfunctioning child-resistant caps.

P&G said that the recalling is part of the precautionary step the company is taking after finding that the child-resistant cap does not work in a small percentage of bottles.

P&G informed that the recalled bottles have a number 4 on the bottom of the bottle to the far right of the recycling symbol.

Additionally, the consumers can also attempt to twist the cap open. If the cap opens too easily without squeezing the tabs on the side of the cap, it is defective.

P&G stated that on a properly functioning bottle, there will be resistance if the consumer tries to twist off the cap without squeezing the tabs on the cap. The cap on the malfunctioning bottle can instead be twisted off without squeezing the tabs on the cap.

P&G added that the consumers can discard the affected bottle and visit their website for information about a coupon or refund.

P&G cautioned that the consumers who wish to continue to use the product should do so as directed, taking extra care to keep it out of the reach of children.

P&G is removing the affected bottles from store shelves and has informed the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, who support the company's action.