Mobile Telesystems outsources network operations to Nokia Siemens

Russian operator hopes to simplify its overall network operations model.

Mobile TeleSystems expects to reduce its overall costs while increasing organisational flexibility, transparency and the predictability of its operational expenses.

Under the five-year managed services deal, Mobile TeleSystems will outsource the daily operation and maintenance of its entire mobile network across Central Russia to Nokia Siemens Networks. It will also transfer around 250 employees to Nokia Siemens Networks.

Aleksander Popovsky, director of MTS Russia, said: "Entering into a managed service agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks will allow MTS to substantially optimise network operations and increase efficiency while keeping service experience high for our customer base. While managed services projects have already proved their efficiency worldwide, in Russia the experience of such project implementation will be unique and innovative. That is why we'll attentively follow up the progress in its development under local conditions. In the future this will allow us to make the decision on introducing this approach to other regions."