Surge in American demand for ADHD drug boosts Shire

Drug's first-quarter sales up nearly a third on the same period last year, generating $154 million.

Specialty biopharmaceutical company Shire has announced its results for the three months to March 31, with its attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Vyvanse leading sales in the US.

Vyvanse sales account for 14 per cent of the American ADHD market, whose expansion has been driven by the 18 per cent annual increase in adults being diagnosed with the disorder. Earlier, the ADHD was thought to be confined to 4.5 million children. However, an estimated 10 million adults have now been found to have the disorder in the US as well.

The incidence of ADHD is also growing in Europe. Britain's first support network for adults with the condition was set up last year. In a statement, Shire said that the first quarter's performance has increased its confidence in growing both revenues and earnings for the full year 2010.