Elan Pharmaceuticals to implement Infosys' co-creation model

Infosys Technologies will design and implement the Research Informatics System (RISe) at Elan Pharma

Infosys said that Elan and its research partners could realise gains in research productivity by focused and efficient selection of candidate drugs or biologics with the new RISe. Linking silos of heterogeneous data will not only contribute to a more effective selection process of biologics but could also reduce time to validate them clinically. Furthermore, the new system will reduce time spent on registering and experimenting with bio-entities, increase collaboration, and reduce chances of downstream failure.

Future versions of the software may enable integration of RISe with electronic lab notebook and analytical dashboards, which will enable more efficient research knowledge management, claims Infosys.

The co-creation engagement model enables Infosys to retain ownership of co-developed IP, as part of the implementation. Relevant components of this reference implementation can be reused or repurposed by Infosys to deliver faster business benefits at other Life Sciences organizations.

Arun Kumar, head of global life sciences practice at Infosys Technologies, said: "Elan's vision to create a scalable research informatics system for scientists to collaborate better, dovetails perfectly with our investments in solutions that improve scientific innovation and our efforts to streamline discovery research."

Ajay Shah, director of research informatics at Elan Pharmaceuticals, said: "We are confident that partnering and collaborating with Infosys will create a comprehensive informatics platform for our discovery research needs.

"We selected Infosys after a competitive Proof-of-Concept phase during which they fully established their credentials and investments in this changing field of discovery research, and demonstrated flexibility and maturity in terms of rapid application development using Agile and Scrum methodologies. With Infosys' solution and engagement model, Elan will be able to lower costs for scientific operation and facilitate innovation."