Octapharma commences Phase III studies of IVIG

Octapharma has initiated first of a series of Phase III studies for its new 10% high purity intraven

The study will investigate the efficacy and safety of the new immunoglobulin in the treatment of primary immune deficiency. The results, along with the results from additional upcoming studies, will be used to support regulatory filing in Europe and the US.

Kim Bjornstrup, deputy chairman of Octapharma Group, said: "The development of our novel 10% IVIG is part of our ongoing commitment to invest in the development of protein based immunotherapies and in particular in IgG preparations. For 25 years, our cutting-edge research programme has sought to develop new biological entities tailored specifically around the needs of clinicians and patients - delivering improved quality of life for patients and ease of delivery and management for hospitals.

"Octapharma's stated aim is not to develop just another IVIG brand but to invest extensive time and preclinical resources to ensure that the new IVIG will offer outstanding features, representing tangible added value for the patient and care giver, such as exceptional tolerability."

The development of this pioneering high purity IVIG builds upon Octapharma's experience in the area of immunoglobulin products. octagam, Octapharma's IVIG (an immune globulin human solution for intravenous administration) is registered in about 60 countries, including the EU and the US.

Michael Borte, professor of Leipzig, Germany and coordinating investigator of the study, said: "Octapharma's new 10% IVIG will be a step forward in the evolution of IVIG products. In the development of the product, Octapharma has looked to optimise the characteristics of the product for improved patient outcomes, such as high tolerability even at high infusion rates. Pre-clinical studies and initial clinical experiences have confirmed that a favourable tolerability profile may be expected."

The Phase III study in primary immune deficiency represents the start of a series of planned studies to investigate Octapharma's new 10% IVIG for a range of neurologic and haematological conditions including idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), guillain-barrA syndrome (GBS) and kawasaki disease and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP).