CyDex receives US patent for manufacturing Captisol

US-based CyDex Pharmaceuticals has received a patent from the US Patent and trademark Office (USPTO)

This patent, entitled Sulfoalkyl Ether Cyclodextrin Compositions, along with other previously issued technology patents will provide broad protection for the company's Captisol technology until 2029.

The patent will cover a manufacturing process for producing ultra high-purity modified cyclodextrins and specifically Captisol.

Captisol is the company's drug delivery technology that aids in the solubilization, stabilization and taste masking of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Dr. Theron Odlaug, President and Chief Executive Officer of CyDex Pharmaceuticals, said that the high-purity Captisol removes many impurities and degradents so that the composition can be used to increase the stability of highly sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients.