New needle-free system treats migraine instantly

Two US-based pharmaceutical companies have launched a new needle-free delivery system in the US.

Sumavel DosePro, the new needle-free delivery system, will reportedly offer a new, fast-acting, non-oral option for patients who suffer from migraines.

Developed by Zogenix and Astellas pharmaceuticals, the system delivers subcutaneous sumatriptan, a treatment that provides migraine relief starting within ten minutes for some patients.

Sumavel DosePro is expected to be available at most retail pharmacy outlets this month.

In two clinical trials, with patients experiencing moderate or severe pain and one or more migraine symptoms, the efficacy of subcutaneous sumatriptan versus placebo was evaluated.

Sumavel DosePro is expected to replace needle-based injectable forms of sumatriptan besides the tablet and nasal triptan forms for many migraine episodes, according to Stephen Farr, president, chief operating officer and director of Zogenix.