Cyntellect expands network across Asia

Cyntellect has announced the availability of its full product portfolio, including the Celigo Adhere

Through new distribution deals, Cyntellect expands its sales and support network to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

David Weber, vice-president of sales and marketing at Cyntellect, said: "The need to analyze cells with minimal sample manipulation, and to process cells with great precision and efficiency, is universal throughout the life science research community and across borders. The need for Cyntellect products in Asia is exploding as global pharmaceutical firms expand and outsource into these emerging economies and as local life science research develops and expands through increased government support."

Reportedly, Cold Spring Biotech is the exclusive provider of Cyntellect products for China and Taiwan. South Korea will be covered in an exclusive partnership with Pharmatech. Also, in an exclusive partnership, Research Instruments Pte, will provide Cyntellect products to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

"Cold Spring Biotech., Pharmatech and Research Instruments Pte Ltd. are quality firms that will effectively serve Cyntellect customers in Asia. All three have built solid reputations through significant experience with the sale and support of sophisticated capital equipment, knowledge of the cell biology space and established sales, support and service infrastructure. Cyntellect is confident these new partners will rise to the level to which our global customers are accustomed," added Mr Weber.