Isogenica’s CIS technology to aid inflammation treatment

Isogenica, UK’s therapeutic peptide company, will offer its CIS display technology to Australian dru

The CIS technology will help Phylogica optimize the performance of three compounds that target CD40 ligand (CD40L), a protein involved in inflammation.

CIS display enables the high speed discovery of lead compounds as well as their rapid optimisation for entry into development programmes.

Phylogica has already demonstrated lead peptide compounds that bind with high affinity and are biologically active against CD40L, the key protein involved in many inflammatory diseases.

Isogenica's CIS display technology allows a comprehensive search process to optimise the exact chemical and three dimensional structure required to further enhance the properties of the Phylomer peptides, improving drug properties such as affinity, stability and potency.

Paul Watt, VP of corporate development at Phylogica, said that Phylomers are sourced from the most structurally diverse peptide libraries in the world which translates into exceptionally high bioactive hit rates, including primary hits with picomolar affinities for their targets."