New live cell observation system to aid stem cell research

The Automation Partnership (TAP), a designer and developer of automation for life science applicatio

The automated system will aid drug discovery and stem cell research. The system will be unveiled at LabAutomation 2010 in Palm Springs, California.

Cell-IQ, developed by Finnish company, Chip-Man Technologies, is being used in universities and institutes across Europe and Asia. It consists of a cell culture incubator, microscope, light source and high resolution camera integrated to image analysis software that automatically monitors, records and quantifies changes in cell morphology and distribution, without the need for labels or dyes.

The system reportedly allows cells grown in plates to be maintained under optimal growth conditions for days or weeks, maintaining imaging settings even when the plates are removed to change media. Cell-IQ enables long term walk-away observation and analysis, ensuring data of consistent quality with minimal user intervention, claims the company.