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"Masculinity in crisis" cannot justify killing your family
By Glosswitch - 14 August 13:23

Maybe it will be clearer in hindsight, but this murderous defence of privilege is shocking.

Depression is not the same as "being sad", Giles Fraser
By Glosswitch - 10 August 11:46

Casual “let’s not pathologise sadness” musings don't contribute much to the debate about medication for depression.

Russia competes in the Women's Teams Synchronised Swimming Technical Routine
Rumbled! What life for women is really like
By Glosswitch - 31 July 11:46

With a lifetime of free drinks, doors held open and watching Loose Women, women have got it made. Oh wait, no.

Don't be too quick to knock sugar-pink, prince-free, Disney-style princessification
By Glosswitch - 29 July 12:56

It’s not true empowerment, but if this is the only imaginative space that is on offer to young girls, perhaps we should let them play. Soon enough, they'll grow up into a world where female self-realisation is still a fairy tale.

Young women's stark choice: be utterly obsessed with food or be considered too fat
By Glosswitch - 26 July 10:26

Women are not born obsessed with the size of celebrities' bottoms. When you’re under intense pressure to do something as profoundly unnatural as not eat, you become obsessed with food and weight, not just yours, but everyone else’s.

Stock drunk person pic
The "Ladette" generation is vilified for daring to drink like men
By Glosswitch - 20 July 8:10

A new moral panic about the impact of alcohol on women is shot through with sexism.

As a mother, I've learned that the phrase "as a mother" is divisive and indulgent
By Glosswitch - 16 July 9:29

Motherhood-as-kneejerk-opinion-former reduces mothers, these diverse, thinking individuals, to one indistinct mass, functioning on entirely predictable emotional responses.

Will a fertile woman's body ever be considered hers and hers alone?
By Glosswitch - 05 July 9:43

Alicia Silverstone's breast milk sharing programme is intriguing, if slightly alienating for those who don't meet her "lifestyle" standards. While donating milk or being a surrogate is an incredibly kind thing to do it is too often regarded with paternali

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
The Marriage Tax Allowance is an expensive way of harnessing resentment and feelings of superiority
By Glosswitch - 03 July 9:01

David Cameron's proposed tax break for married couples is an expensive way of saying that some people's lives are better than others.

Rape fantasies and knowing what's real
By Glosswitch - 01 July 13:31

Rape porn is a very dangerous area - people shouldn't feel ashamed of their fantasies, but how do we tell the difference between fantasy and reality?

A woman breastfeeding her baby during a blackout
Sexy breasts are for the men, lactating, stretch-marked breasts are for the women
By Glosswitch - 23 June 11:16

The great breast debate, including but not limited to Page Three, breastfeeding in public, lads' mags, contains a frustrating lack of acknowledgement of female sexual agency.

Julia Gillard "on the menu": Three cheers for a bit of in-your-face, no-frills sexism
By Glosswitch - 13 June 8:59

The party fundraiser menu that offered to "serve up" parts of Australian PM Julia Gillard was offensive, no doubt about it. But it's refreshing to see some honest, in-your-face sexism for a change, rather than the kind that flies under the radar.

Three cheers for new children's laureate Malorie Blackman - an author who likes and trusts children
By Glosswitch - 05 June 9:32

At a time when creative thought is recast as “dumbing down”, writers like Malorie Blackman are more important than ever. In a digital age it sounds somewhat naff and misty-eyed to claim that “books give us power” but they do.

New Statesman
Germany is the most popular country in the world – and I can see why
By Glosswitch - 25 May 11:42

Glosswitch has always had a love for all things German, so she's happy to learn that everyone else agrees.

Matriarchal power is ephemeral: no woman is jealously guarding the kitchen sink
By Glosswitch - 24 May 8:00

What is this unspoken authority and how is it exercised?

They f*** you up
By Glosswitch - 13 May 11:16

After my hospitalisation for eating disorders, my brother's schizophrenia diagnosis came as a relief, of sorts. Whether family history or chemical imbalance, we desperately seek a reason for the unreasonable.

What's the point of a "feminism" which attacks mothers?
By Glosswitch - 08 May 11:43

If feminism winds up assuming “someone else” will raise the kids while “we” get on with the real work, it's just become what it was fighting.

It's not all like "A Beautiful Mind": you can’t make schizophrenia nice
By Glosswitch - 29 April 11:20

We’re brilliant at defending the mentally ill in principle, but we can be terrible at hiding our revulsion at some of the sick people we’ve encountered in the flesh.

How to "flaunt" it: A brief guide to baby bumps
By Glosswitch - 25 April 13:03

You don't just go about your life when you're pregnant. You "debut" your bump, and then "flaunt" it.

Is motherhood a kind of slavery?
By Glosswitch - 24 April 14:01

Tanya Gold writes that "motherhood and autonomy can never coexist" - but how does that affect the debate over abortion?

Like most parents, Liz Truss appears to be making it up as she goes along
By Glosswitch - 22 April 16:28

Isn’t it only a few weeks since the PM’s advisor on childhood Claire Perry was claiming that children’s lives were over-regimented and that the little blighters needed to be bored?

Michael Gove wants longer school days because . . . reasons
By Glosswitch - 20 April 9:18

Teachers must wish Michael Gove worked shorter days and took longer holidays - then his department might stop coming up with so many ill-considered changes to the education system.

London Fashion Week runway.
The horrors of the fashion world are right before our eyes
By Glosswitch - 14 April 12:09

Who could possibly see beauty, creativity and inspiration when the human beings selling it are in such pain?

Crib Sheet: Green Parents and Earth Mothers
By Glosswitch - 10 April 12:20

Glosswitch reads parenting manuals so you don't have to.

For everyone's sake, we need to talk openly about miscarriage
By Glosswitch - 30 March 11:39

Anger, shame, responsibility, guilt - these are all feelings we need to have a way of expressing when a pregnancy ends in an early tragedy.

Are we really harming our children by sending them to nursery?
By Glosswitch - 19 March 10:27

Childcare is a fact of life - making it more “affordable” for some women not to earn money is not the same as granting non-earners choice, status and respect.

Cupcakes, from Flickr/tenderisthebridge, used under Creative Commons.
Crib sheet: Handbooks for yummy mummies and MILFs
By Glosswitch - 09 March 10:15

In which Glosswitch reads parenting books so you don't have to.

You can't use lessons from your own life to judge other parents.
Overparenting: How does Claire Perry know if we're “smothering our children”?
By Glosswitch - 04 March 12:11

The Conservative MP’s concerns only represent one experience of parenting – her own.

Seth MacFarlane hosting the 2013 Oscars ceremony
Seth MacFarlane's Oscars opener was a great, steaming misogynist turd
By Glosswitch - 26 February 9:41

"We Saw Your Boobs" teaches us a lesson about postmodern irony and the appreciation of tits, says Glosswitch.

Why do people hate mummy bloggers?
By Glosswitch - 22 February 10:32

Writing about raising children and domestic life is no more trivial than any other blogging subject, argues Glosswitch.