Global Packaging Industry Survey 2012: Trends and Opportunities in Packaging, Budget Allocation, Procurement and NPD

This report also benchmarks key packaging techniques and customized packaging solutions expected to be implemented across the global packaging industry.

This report qualitatively examines budget allocation for new product development and also analyzes procurement strategies and practices being undertaken by key organizations; category-specific investment outlooks; and investment opportunities available for leading purchase decision makers.

Reasons to buy

• Drive revenues by understanding future new product development investment areas and growth regions.
• Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by identifying buyer product development and R&D budgets.
• Better promote your business by focusing on factors driving new product development and offering customized solutions as per the needs of customers.
• Uncover the trends in packaging, key product development challenges and opportunities
• Benchmark key product development initiatives with key industry leaders and identify major trends that affect the industry.
• Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the leading business concerns and changing strategies of buyers.

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