Global Consumer Foodservice Survey 2011: Trends in Workplace Catering and Consumer Expenditure

Similarly, the most used facilities worldwide were ‘hot drinks machines, with a high frequency of use in 90% of countries surveyed, and ‘on-site coffee or tea shops’, with a high frequency of use in 60% of countries surveyed. In terms of consumer expenditure, ‘lunch meals’ were identified as a high-spending category in 100% of countries surveyed; followed by ‘pizzas’, in 80% of countries surveyed; and ‘breakfast meals’, in 70% of countries surveyed. Conversely, ‘bottled water’ was identified as a low-spending category in 90% of countries surveyed and bottled water was identified as a low-spending category in 80% of countries surveyed. 

This report examines the changing trends in the global workplace catering facilities and related consumer expenditure.  It analyzes the availability of different types of food service facilities and the frequency of their usage. It also estimates consumers’ average expenditure on various food and drink items.

Key Features and Benefits

• Analyzes the availability of foodservice facilities in different workplace premises.

• Understand the frequency of use of different facility type in each of the given countries and workplace premises.

• Estimate the consumer expenditure on food and drinks product categories available in the workplace premises.

• Understand consumer buying behaviour in workplace catering facilities

• The report is based on a major international survey conducted by Canadean through its consumer panels. The survey included 27,000+ respondents in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, the UK and the US.

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