A British Airways flight was disrupted by a Spanish jet (Shutterstock)
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Weekly round-up: politics, business and news from Gibraltar

A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days


1. Spanish air force disrupts British Airways flight landing in Gibraltar

The Daily Telegraph reports: “A British Airways flight was forced to veer off course on landing approach to Gibraltar because of the presence of a Spanish air force jet, the Gibraltar government reported.”

  1. Gibraltar Chief Minister ‘outraged’ by MP’s claim the Rock is gateway for drug money

The Olive Press reports: “Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has lashed out at UK MP Keith Vaz for criticising Gibraltar as a haven for laundering drug money in the House of Commons. Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East, accused the Rock of being a gateway for money profited from the drugs trade into the world financial system.”

  1. Gibraltar gets thumbs up from OECD

Asset Servicing Times reports: “The Global Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has rated Gibraltar’s government as “largely compliant” for transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.”

  1. Gibraltar to launch stock exchange

The Olive Press reports: “Gibraltar’s first stock exchange is ready to launch once approved by the Rock’s financial regulator.”

  1. Easyjet launch new direct route from Bristol Airport to Gibraltar

Bristol Post reports: “Easyjet has announced it will be launching a new direct route from Bristol to Gibraltar. The new year-round connection will take off from Bristol airport on its inaugural flight on 19 April 2015, flying up to three times a week with low-cost fares.”

Gibraltar return to European Championship qualification this weekend. (Photo: Getty)
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Morning Call: The best from Gibraltar

A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days.


We start with a crime story this week – London’s “most wanted” man has given himself up to police after a pub shooting in the capital, but he gave himself up in Gibraltar, says the London Evening Standard. It was the result of a joint operation between British and Spanish police.

Does this mean more co-operation around the Rock is on the cards? Not necessarily. The Independent reports on a war of words between Spanish foreign minister José Manuel García-Margallo and Gibraltarian Chief Minister Fabian Picardo. One says talks to get control of Gibraltar to Spain are bearing fruit, the other says this is a lie and the peninsula is permanently British. There are no prizes for guessing which is which.

This incident coming as another incursion into Gibraltar waters and airspace hits the pages of the Gibraltar Chronicle suggests the friendly pills may be malfunctioning. Even La Linea, which has been noticeably warm towards the Rock recently, is going to make its own duty free zone to compete with Gib pricing according to the Olive Press – although fair competition is hardly an act of hostility.

Finally there’s this football match on, and the Irish Independent has a blog which…er…look, if you’re a Gib footie fan just don’t read it, enjoy the weekend instead. The Irish News has Gib manager Martin O’Neill talking up the Rock’s chances, but we have to acknowledge that even when the team gave Germany a “good run for its money” earlier this year, said the pundits, it lost 7-0.

If you’re a fan, enjoy the match regardless!

Guy Clapperton is the freelance journalist who edits the New Statesman’s Gibraltar hub. You can also find him in the Guardian, Computer Business Review and Professional Outsourcing which he edits.

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