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Gibraltar: the history of an import-led marketplace
By New Statesman - 13 January 10:06

Gibraltar’s businesses have long thrived on the demand for imported good, first from the British Royal Navy, and today from its bustling mix of 30,000 inhabitants and millions of tourists. Edward Macquisten of the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce explains how this market has developed.

Rock steady: the story of Gibraltar’s booming insurance sector
By New Statesman - 25 November 17:35

Gibraltar’s insurance sector has seen explosive growth since joining the single market: one in six UK motorists are now covered by a company on the Rock. Yet, as in the UK, it remains a challenge to convince young people that insurance is “as glamorous as being a barrister”, says Chris Johnson, chairman of the Gibraltar Insurance Association

University challenge: can the Rock build its first uni?
By New Statesman - 28 October 14:34

John Law of the British Council analyses the opportunities and challenges for Gibraltar’s ambitious higher education plans, and says playing to “niche” strengths could be the secret to success

UK’s new e-gaming and betting regulations could create a new black market
By admin - 06 May 13:17

The unregulated e-gaming and betting market will likely balloon under the UK’s proposed “point of consumption” regime, says Peter Howitt of the Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Association

New Statesman
Gibraltar continues to grow as a European hub for global e-commerce and finance
By admin - 06 March 17:52

Sponsored post: Gibraltar is an exciting British and European success story that shines out in an otherwise gloomy time of political and economic crisis. Peter Howitt.

Prosperity from going it alone
By admin - 18 October 20:06

Sponsored post: Gibraltar has high employment, a strong economy running a surplus when everyhere else seems to be suffering, and is self-sufficient.

Rt. Hon. Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of HM Government of Gibraltar.
Financial state of the nation
By admin - 18 October 20:01

Sponsored post: Gibraltar’s location and its solid legislation make it well placed to be a centre for shipping, financial services and other industries. It has become a catalyst for the wider region.

The Rock: a stepping stone for business.
Gibraltar: the Chief Minister’s story
By admin - 18 October 19:32

Sponsored post: Recent border skirmishes with Spain have highlighted the tensions between the British territory’s history and geography. However, Fabian Picardo believes the place is a sound place to invest.

Commerce on the Rock: a small territory but a big opportunity
The Rock is open for business
By admin - 18 October 0:00

Sponsored post: Gibraltar has no natural resources, a negligible local market of 30,000 people and imports everything. If it has any resource at all, it is the trading nous of its business community.

e-Gaming: The European opportunity.
Gaming on the Rock
By admin - 04 October 17:27

Sponsored post: More e-gaming companies want to set up on Gibraltar than are eventually licensed to do so. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association sets the scene.

The Rock: steady on e-gaming
Online Gaming in Gibraltar – looming obstacles
By admin - 04 October 16:37

Sponsored post: Gibraltar’s gambling industry employs one in 15 people and fuels the local economy through their role as consumers as well as in its own right. In this article KPMG puts the economy of the Rock into context.

The connected player
By admin - 04 October 0:00

Gibtelecom has been both building block and beneficiary of the explosion of e-gaming on the Rock. Its Chief Executive Officer, Tim Bristow, makes the links.