Economics, politics and the reality of the 'squeezed middle'


A New Year’s resolution? Let’s stop paying less than the minimum wage to those who care for the elderly and vulnerable
By Gavin Kelly and Joe Coward - 22 December 15:48

Let’s make 2012 the year when every care worker gets what they are legally entitled to.

The scandal of low-paid care workers
By Anonymous - 22 December 12:22

A New Year’s resolution? Let’s stop paying less than the minimum wage to those who care for the elde

Changing the conversation in 2012
By Gavin Kelly - 16 December 15:11

Might a party leader attend to the growing dissonance between Westminster rhetoric and the daily rea

Why Britain's households got richer - and why they stopped
By Gavin Kelly - 06 December 14:30

There are no signs of living standards for families getting any better. Brace yourself.

How seven years of cuts will transform the political landscape
By Gavin Kelly - 30 November 17:35

The notion that a Labour government in 2015 would itself be a cutting government has yet to sink in.

So who pays?
By Gavin Kelly - 29 November 17:58

When forced to find new resources, the coalition's instinct is to take them from low-to-middle incom

The onslaught against working families continues
By Gavin Kelly - 24 November 14:56

The government's response to youth unemployment will squeeze the "squeezed middle" even further.

Are we catching the US disease?
By Gavin Kelly - 21 November 9:17

The average American household has failed to benefit from the recent era of economic growth and risi

Learning the right lessons from Labour's economic record
By Gavin Kelly - 15 November 10:55

Neither Labour nor the Coalition is willing to ask why Britain's tax base was so fragile.

Getting from economic bingo to a growth plan
By Gavin Kelly - 03 November 15:37

The sheer volume of economic statistics released last week highlights the challenge facing all three

Occupy the Bank
By Gavin Kelly - 26 October 16:27

The surprising new radicalism on Threadneedle Street.

Obama: Mr 99%?
By Gavin Kelly - 14 October 12:57

The US president needs to recognise the resentments that have sparked the 99% movement.

Getting the measure of a better capitalism
By Gavin Kelly - 11 October 15:19

Growth and relative poverty are no longer enough to tell us whether our economy is on the right trac

U-turn on childcare cuts: is the coalition waking up to its women problem?
By Gavin Kelly - 07 October 8:40

Ministers have rightly backtracked on a regressive cut aimed directly at working women.

Cameron wants to reduce private debt - but when and how?
By Gavin Kelly and James Plunkett - 05 October 12:54

A rapid repayment of debt is a recipe for recession, not recovery.

Minimum wage: The only way is up?
By Gavin Kelly - 30 September 11:30

On Britain’s low paid workers.

Want to earn your way up?
By Gavin Kelly - 23 September 15:56

Fine – just don’t be a woman, live outside of London, or work part-time.

The coalition's woes with women
By Gavin Kelly - 13 September 19:35

For the Liberal Democrats there is both extreme risk and a glimmer of opportunity.

Taxing times for the coalition (contd...)
By Gavin Kelly - 13 September 11:11

The £7bn of pension tax relief that Osborne won't cut.

These tax cut whispers are about to get louder
By Gavin Kelly and James Plunkett - 21 August 12:49

Bizarrely, abolishing the 50p rate remains top of the Chancellor's list.

Who ate all the pie?
By Gavin Kelly - 25 July 12:57

The impact of rising pay inequality will be felt throughout the UK economy.

When rates finally rise, things are set to get nasty
By Gavin Kelly - 18 July 10:54

Nothing turns a dry economic story into a turbo-charged political one quite like fear of losing the

Haven't I seen this revolution before?
By Gavin Kelly - 12 July 9:45

David Cameron's public service reforms suffer from a serious zeitgeist problem.

Dilnot survives the Russian front. . . for now
By Gavin Kelly - 04 July 15:42

Social care is a minefield for politicians - and the Dilnot report offers no easy option for the gov

Will squeezed households really borrow more to prop up living standards?

Office for Budget Responsibility is challenged over the question of personal debt.

Osborne has not solved the cost of living crisis
By Gavin Kelly - 23 March 16:45

Britain needs convincing ideas about how to ensure that real wages rise.

It's not all bad news on social mobility
By Gavin Kelly - 11 March 11:06

New research shows that intragenerational mobility increased significantly during the 2000s.

Wanted: a new purpose for British capitalism
By Gavin Kelly - 16 February 16:47

How can Britain avoid going down the US path where for the last generation the majority of the gains