A 1960s Soviet propaganda poster advocates science over religion. (Bridgeman Art Library)
By John Gray - 13 March
Today's unbelievers rarely mention him.
By Maureen Lipman - 13 March
The beautiful enigma of empathy.
Activists keep riot police at bay standing on makeshift barricades on the Maidan, Kyiv, in January. Photo: Espen Rasmussen/Panon
By Julian Evans - 11 March
Rebirth of a nation.
A pro-independence Scot at a rally in Edinburgh. Photo: David Moir/Reuters
By Andrew Marr - 06 March
The condition of Scotland.
One for the rails: Christmas in a train buffet car, 1934
By Kirsty Wark - 06 March
The Newsnight presenter hotfoots it to Euston from the BBC and unwinds with a glass of Scotch and some political gossip
By Rowan Williams - 27 February
“Waste of Glory, Waste of God.”