This England

The prince sympathised with young black soldiers at the Army Training Regiment in Pirbright, Surrey.

Donovan Mowatt, 19, recruited in the army's recent drive to attract soldiers from ethnic minorities, said: "He was eager to know if we had suffered racism. He said he understood because he had problems himself by who he was." - Daily Mail (Ron Rubin)

Ordinary People Elected to Church: A headhunter, a barrister, a primary head and a university vice-chancellor are among the six lay-people chosen to lead the Church of England into the next millennium. - Times (Terry Philpot)

Prince Charles was given a speedboat by Imelda Marcos. He passed it on to a youth charity. But he kept the Aston Martin given to him by a Gulf prince. In return the Gulf prince received one of Charles's watercolours. - Sunday Times (Sigrid Rabiger)

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This article first appeared in the 04 December 1998 issue of the New Statesman, Just get out and have fun!