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Fuel for thought: Rethinking energy

 As part of the ongoing partnership between Shell and the New Statesman we hosted a panel event to debate prevalent myths surrounding the energy sector, in order to establish how widely held these myths are we conducted some exclusive YouGov polling, the results are available to download here.

Our esteemed panel of experts debated the following myths;

1.      More people mean’s more demand, and only by reducing our energy usage can we lower our carbon emissions."

2.      "Them or Us:" Investment in fossil fuels means reduced investment in renewables."
3.      "Due to our reliance on importing energy from unstable sources, the UK needs to be self-sufficient in its energy provision."

Chaired by Jon Bernstein, the New Statesman’s digital director we were joined by; Jeremy Bentham Vice President, Global Business Environment, Shell, Laura Sandys MP, PPS to Greg Barker as Minister of State for Climate Change, David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee and Will Straw, Associate Director for Globalisation and Climate Change, IPPR.

The debate offered an opportunity to bring together academics, journalists and key stakeholders within the energy industry to discuss the on-going challenges facing the sector both globally and in the UK.