Rich Duncombe, senior strategist at HP.
Partnering for a Bold Vision
By Rich Duncombe - 18 April 15:41

HP's senior strategist discusses the possibility of an energy future made secure by seismic technolo

Innovation: facts and figures
By new-statesman - 18 April 15:29

How much is invested globally in clean energy technology?

New Statesman
Q&A with Bruce Levell
By Samira Shackle - 18 April 12:09

The New Statesman talks to the chief scientist (geology) at Royal Dutch Shell.

Prespectives video
By NS Admin - 13 January 10:11


By NS Admin - 12 January 13:21

Human ingenuity and new technology hold the key to unlocking the energy consumers need to power thei

Answering the curmudgeons, faultfinders and armchair engineers
By Robert Norris - 13 December 11:33

The Head of Communications at RenewableUK, the trade association representing the wind, wave and tid

Osborne urged to prioritise the nuclear option
By Mark Jenner - 28 November 18:15

Campaign group heaps pressure on Osbourne to back nuclear industry.

New Statesman
Q&A with Dr Sarah Darby
By Jon Bernstein - 18 November 9:55

The New Statesman speaks to Dr Sarah Darby, deputy programme leader of the Environmental Change Inst

New Statesman
By Staff blogger - 18 November 9:54

As energy bills continue to rise and force some into fuel poverty, how best can business and governm

Hugh Jones, MD, Carbon Trust Advisory Services
By Hugh Jones - 19 October 13:10

Carbon Trust Advisory helps large businesses to harness opportunities and manage risks in the move t

Low Carbon Economy: facts and figures
By Staff blogger - 18 October 10:37

How much of the average carbon footprint in the UK is from indirect emissions?

Q&A with Professor Janusz Bialek
By Samira Shackle - 17 October 13:11

The New Statesman speaks to Professor Janusz Bialek, chair of electrical power and control, Durham U

New Statesman
Energy Gap
By Staff blogger - 19 September 16:19

With the global population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050, how can we provide energy to meet d

New Statesman
Low Carbon Economy
By Staff blogger - 19 September 14:30

To reach its global and European commitments on carbon reduction by 2020, the UK must replace 40% of

New Statesman
Energy Security
By Staff blogger - 19 September 14:28

Tensions over energy supply are nothing new, and look set to rise as competition over sources of fos

New Statesman
By Staff blogger - 19 September 14:22

What are the contributions renewable energy sources can make to achieving our environmental commitme

New Statesman
Green Economy
By Samira Shackle - 19 September 14:20

The development of alternative fuels, new means of generating energy and energy efficiency, will all

New Statesman
By Staff blogger - 19 September 14:19

Human ingenuity and new technology hold the key to unlocking the energy consumers need to power thei

New Statesman
By Staff blogger - 19 September 14:13

The number of cars on the road is expected to triple by 2050. A variety of fuels and techniques will

Introduction to Perspectives
By Samira Shackle - 16 September 18:46

[jwplayer|config=Embedvedio|file=] Click on the above video to see Jeremy Bentham, David Kennedy, Laura Sandys MP and Will Straw answer some additional questions following the ‘Fuel for Thought: Rethinking Energy’ eventWelcome to the 'Perspectives on energy' homepage. This is a new site dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities in developing a clean and affordable energy future. Here you'll find some world-renowned experts providing their views on issues from 'how we tackle the energy gap with an estimated global population of 9 billion people by 2050?' to 'how can Government and business nurture a green tech revolution?'. We are delighted to be supporting the New Statesman as it focuses attention on these important topics and we are certain to have a varied, and at times probably quite controversial, debate. At Shell we welcome questions and opinions that help us expand our thinking as we plan innovative energy solutions for the future. You can let us and the New Statesman know your thoughts too, commenting on the articles that appear and voting in the many polls that appear across the site. We hope you enjoy the 'Perspective on energy' series and microsite.