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Innovation holds the key to unlocking the energy needed today and in the future.
By Bruce Levell - 28 February 12:25

The global energy system needs to undergo a radical change.  It has to become broader, cleaner, more efficient.  My belief is that a balance between accepting the intermittent supply of renewables and the more constant supply of fossil fuels is probably going to be the way that happens. 

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Sustainability does not need to cost the earth
By Dr. Peter Bonfield - 22 February 11:56

We are in a period of unprecedented social, economic and technological change – both here at home and globally.  What does this mean for being ‘green’ or ‘eco-sustainable’ – especially as it is applied to the built environment, which has high environmental impacts – 40% of our CO2 emissions come

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Innovation: the key to transforming the UK’s energy systems
By Iain Gray - 22 February 11:55

The increasing reliance of all modern societies on plentiful supplies of energy – and particularly electricity – poses significant challenges to governments, business and indeed the individual consumer.

Policy innovation Video
By pardhu - 22 February 7:20


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Q&A with Dr Robert Gross
By Dr. Robert Gross - 22 February 7:00

Is there a country that you would single out as being particularly strong on innovation in energy policy terms?

Policy innovation: facts and figures
By Dr. Robert Gross - 22 February 6:44

 facts and figures

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Policy innovation
By Dr. Robert Gross - 22 February 6:07

Is the key to a green economy a change in energy policy? Those involved in the industry (the government, consumers, business) often seem to be playing a game of pass-the-parcel, shifting responsibility between each other.