Fuel for thought Rethinking energy
By raghu - 15 November 6:43

Fuel for thought: Rethinking energy video

YouGov Polling results
By new-statesman - 15 November 6:30

To download the results of YouGov polling please click here.

Two particularly intriguing statistics are:

New Statesman
Fuel for thought: Rethinking energy
By new-statesman - 14 November 7:16

 As part of the ongoing partnership between Shell and the New Statesman we hosted a panel event to debate prevalent myths surrounding the energy sector, in order to establish how widely held these myths are we conducted some exclusive YouGov polling, the results are available to download here.

Volatility is the next big debate in energy policy
By Alex Hern - 09 November 9:28

Unstable prices, cultures, and companies all breed uncertainty in an area of our lives where we need reliability.