In partnership with ERA Foundation: 'To save the environment, first we must save the economy'
By admin - 14 March 17:25

Fracking has a key role to play in securing both our energy supply and the nation’s economic well-being. Q&A with Sir Alan Rudge, president, ERA Foundation.

New Statesman
Innovation holds the key to unlocking the energy needed today and in the future.
By Bruce Levell - 28 February 12:25

The global energy system needs to undergo a radical change.  It has to become broader, cleaner, more efficient.  My belief is that a balance between accepting the intermittent supply of renewables and the more constant supply of fossil fuels is probably going to be the way that happens. 

New Statesman
Sustainability does not need to cost the earth
By Dr. Peter Bonfield - 22 February 11:56

We are in a period of unprecedented social, economic and technological change – both here at home and globally.  What does this mean for being ‘green’ or ‘eco-sustainable’ – especially as it is applied to the built environment, which has high environmental impacts – 40% of our CO2 emissions come

New Statesman
Innovation: the key to transforming the UK’s energy systems
By Iain Gray - 22 February 11:55

The increasing reliance of all modern societies on plentiful supplies of energy – and particularly electricity – poses significant challenges to governments, business and indeed the individual consumer.

New Statesman
Q&A with Dr Robert Gross
By Dr. Robert Gross - 22 February 7:00

Is there a country that you would single out as being particularly strong on innovation in energy policy terms?

Policy innovation: facts and figures
By Dr. Robert Gross - 22 February 6:44

 facts and figures

New Statesman
Policy innovation
By Dr. Robert Gross - 22 February 6:07

Is the key to a green economy a change in energy policy? Those involved in the industry (the government, consumers, business) often seem to be playing a game of pass-the-parcel, shifting responsibility between each other.

Smart Mobility: facts and figures
By New Statesman - 18 December 5:51

 facts and figures


New Statesman
Light vehicle infrastructure strategy
By John Batterbee - 18 December 5:44

Global vehicle manufacturers are now delivering on their promises to introduce electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. John Batterbee, Strategy Manager for Vehicle Integration at the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), reports.


New Statesman
Smarter Mobility
By New Statesman - 18 December 5:14

Transport is one of the main users of energy and is a rapidly increasing emissions sector. Road transport is the largest contributor to global warming by sector.

YouGov Polling results
By new-statesman - 15 November 6:30

To download the results of YouGov polling please click here.

Two particularly intriguing statistics are:

New Statesman
Fuel for thought: Rethinking energy
By new-statesman - 14 November 7:16

 As part of the ongoing partnership between Shell and the New Statesman we hosted a panel event to debate prevalent myths surrounding the energy sector, in order to establish how widely held these myths are we conducted some exclusive YouGov polling, the results are available to download here.

IEA: USA to become world's biggest oil producer
By Alex Hern - 12 November 15:45

What does this mean for American renewables?

Volatility is the next big debate in energy policy
By Alex Hern - 09 November 9:28

Unstable prices, cultures, and companies all breed uncertainty in an area of our lives where we need reliability.

Mike Stephenson
Are we closing off technology options for a low carbon future?
By Mike Stephenson - 01 November 5:51

Mike Stephenson, British Geological Survey


Natural Gas: facts and figures
By New Statesman - 01 November 5:31

Facts and figures Global primary energy mix by consumption

New Statesman
Q&A with Jon Gibbins
By Jon Gibbins - 31 October 12:49

According to the International Energy Agency, the world may have 250 years of gas at current levels. What lies behind this increased estimate?

David Reiner
Beware simple answers?
By David Reiner - 19 October 13:33

These are times of profound challenges for the energy industry and for climate change policy both in the UK and globally – being able to keep prices low, dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid relying on unstable regions for our energy see

Philip Sellwood
The future of energy: smarter technology, smarter behaviour
By Philip Sellwood - 19 October 13:21

The future of energy in the UK is complex – it will have a whole host of variables in play.

New Statesman
Rising Populations: Rising Demand
By New Statesman - 11 October 5:28

Global population increases, particularly in developing countries,  will put huge pressure on our energy provision.

Jeremy Bentham, Vice President Global Business Environment at Shell
Q&A with Jeremy Bentham
By New Statesman - 11 October 5:04

The New Statesman talks to Shell’s Vice President Global Business Environment


Which technologies do you think will show most progress in the next ten years?

New Statesman
Natural Gas
By Alex Hern - 09 October 6:16

“The hope of the early environmentalists, that the world would run out of hydrocarbons before we did irreparable damage, is no longer realistic.”

The future of energy
The Future of Energy
By Jeremy Bentham - 09 October 6:14

For the past 200 years human beings have depended on fossil fuels, and this doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon. Despite sustained pressure from environmentalist groups, it looks like gas and oil are here to stay.

New Statesman
Who runs Britain’s energy policy?
By Guy Shrubsole - 27 July 14:34

A smaller cut in wind power funding comes at the cost of a commitment to decades more of dirty and expensive gas.

BP to sell its Wyoming gas wells to Linn Energy
By New Statesman - 26 June 6:22

The $1bn deal will see the transfer of 250 wells in the Jonah and Pinedale fields.

New Statesman
Pioneering energy research for growth
By David Delpy - 03 May 17:03

Professor David Delpy on UK support for cutting-edge energy research.

New Statesman
Storing up a problem
By Alan Thomson - 27 April 16:28

Arup's director of energy business discusses the next steps to delivering a balanced energy portfoli

New Statesman
The transition to a green economy
By Christine McGourty - 23 April 14:22

The potential for innovation will be enormous in every area of the energy supply industry.

Ian Temperton
Green infrastructure investment
By Ian Temperton - 19 April 14:49

Why investors want the economy re-balanced more than anyone else.