In partnership with ERA Foundation: 'To save the environment, first we must save the economy'
By admin - 14 March 17:25

Fracking has a key role to play in securing both our energy supply and the nation’s economic well-being. Q&A with Sir Alan Rudge, president, ERA Foundation.

The Clothier Electrical Testing Laboratory has been cabandoned since 2011.
Urban explorers highlight the decay of the highest voltage lab in the world
By Marie Le Conte - 05 February 17:50

A group of urban explorers broke into the disused National Renewable Energy Centre, near Newcastle.

Five questions answered on the wholesale gas price fixing allegations
By Heidi Vella - 13 November 11:42

Regulators are investigating claims wholesale gas prices have been manipulated by major gas companies. We answer five questions on the gas pricing fiasco.

New Statesman
Shell and BP accused of collusion in South Africa
By Alex Ward - 25 October 14:35

A six-company price-fixing racket spanning decades.

Pennzenergy Company Oil Exploration Drilling Rig In The Gulf Of Mexico
U.S. set to become world’s top oil producer
By Alex Ward - 24 October 17:54

The new Saudi Arabia?

BP reaches $26bn deal with Russian oil titan Rosneft
By Alex Ward - 22 October 15:54

State-owned champion becomes world’s largest oil producer.

New Statesman
Russian oil company Rosneft lodges $25 billion bid for BP's stake in BP-TNK
By Alex Ward - 18 October 17:37

The deal will make the Russian energy champion the world’s largest oil company.

Electricity pylons
Why we need more energy storage to balance generation with efficiency
By Andrew Jones - 24 August 10:46

It’s indicative that the UK Energy Bill mentions the word ‘efficiency’ just six times, compared to ‘nuclear’ and ‘renewables’ which are mentioned hundreds of times each.  The long awaited Bill shows the UK’s obsession with energy generation as opposed to energy efficiency, despite the inherent c

The Cuadrilla shale fracking facility in Preston, Lancashire.
We need to talk about fracking
By Michael Brooks - 25 July 14:41

At some point pretty soon, we're going to need to know where we stand on this.

BP to sell its Wyoming gas wells to Linn Energy
By New Statesman - 26 June 6:22

The $1bn deal will see the transfer of 250 wells in the Jonah and Pinedale fields.

New Statesman
BP reports a slip in profits in first quarter
By Emily Wight - 01 May 11:59

The oil giant is still paying for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Q&A: Fracking
By Emily Wight - 17 April 13:11

Green groups are outraged after the controversial method of extracting shale gas has been allowed co

GDF Suez takes over International Power
By Emily Wight - 16 April 11:27

The French utilities company has bought up the remaining 30 per cent of the British energy firm.

BP joins the Ohio shale rush, leasing 84,000 acres
By New Statesman - 28 March 6:32

The oil producer snaps up a potentially huge US energy source.

Salamander’s production rates fall in 2011
By New Statesman - 26 March 15:48

But business improves for the UK energy company in its principal markets.

Bonuses, salary hikes: UK energy professionals are in the money
By New Statesman - 26 March 14:26

New survey shows that energy workers are better paid than those in other industries.

Army to supply fuel if tanker drivers strike
Army to supply fuel if tanker drivers strike
By Andrew McIntyre - 26 March 13:04

Government wants to avoid a repeat of the fuel protests in 2000.

Technip wins £500m subsea contract from BP
By New Statesman - 26 March 11:41

First oil targeted for Q4 2015.

Full transcript | David Cameron | Speech on infrastructure | Institute of Civil Engineering, London | 19 March 2012
By David Cameron - 19 March 15:36

"This is not about mass tolling but getting more out of the money that motorists already pay."

Obama considers releasing oil reserves
Obama considers releasing oil reserves
By Alice Gribbin - 16 March 10:39

Despite talks with Cameron during Washington trip, the price of crude has since risen.

London fuel poverty up by a fifth
London fuel poverty up by a fifth
By Andrew McIntyre - 13 March 12:24

More than half a million households in the capital are in fuel poverty, report says.

New energy-saving street light technology wins major award
By Alice Gribbin - 07 March 16:50

Select Innovation's product attaches to lights, allowing councils to make 45% energy savings.

ScottishPower to add 300 jobs
ScottishPower to add 300 jobs
By Andrew McIntyre - 28 February 17:49

The company will also upgrade its electricity network over the next 10 years.

ScottishPower and E.On cut energy prices
ScottishPower and E.On cut energy prices
By Andrew McIntyre - 27 February 13:41

Companies become last of the “big six” to cut prices.

Wind power's other untapped resource
Wind power's other untapped resource
By Greg Dash - 21 February 14:36

This renewable energy source could provide a much needed boost to local economies.

Gas fracking: the next threat to the planet
By Tess Riley - 10 August 13:53

Unconventional gas extraction should not be part of our energy future.