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Over the next decades, governments, businesses and consumers across the globe will face a series of

As developing nations enter the most energy-intensive part of their economic and industrial development, we hope that access to energy will help millions escape poverty. However, there are debates to be had about what the right types of energy are and whether this energy consumption will allow global society to develop in a truly sustainable manner.

Policies put in place now will shape the global energy picture for the next decades and governments have some tough choices to make. With this in mind, over the next months the New Statesman will feature the thoughts and perspectives of some of the UK's top academics and energy commentators on our Perspectives on Energy pages. This forms part of our contribution to the global debate on energy and the environment.

We will be looking at the role of government, business and consumers in achieving workable solutions, along with the impact of new technology and the contribution of renewable fuels in achieving carbon reduction targets to which the UK is committed at both European and global level.

We also invite you, our readers, to have your say by leaving comments and voting in our online polls.