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New energy-saving street light technology wins major award

Select Innovation's product attaches to lights, allowing councils to make 45% energy savings.

Select Innovation, the Norfolk-based technology company, has won a prestigious award for a new product designed to help local authorities reduce power consumption whilst keeping street lights on.

EnLight, SI's winning technology, allows councils to save up to 45 per cent of energy used by street lights - a saving that could make a dramatic difference to local authorities at a time when many councils are considering turning off one in every 10 lights through money-saving agendas.

David Aarons, Managing Director of Select Innovations said:

We're absolutely delighted to be crowned winner of the Shell Springboard awards. We really believe our product can make a difference in tackling CO2 emissions and it's incredibly rewarding that such a prestigious programme as Shell Springboard has also recognised its potential. The funding and recognition we received tonight will allow us to press ahead with our plans for our EnLight product range, scaling up our ambitions even further to save energy on bigger roads throughout the UK.

The EnLight product - which took five years to develop - utilises a ballast that when attached to lamps can regulate the power supplied through the electric circuit. This stabilises the bulb's intensity and can increase the lamp's energy efficiency to 95 per cent; far higher than the typical 50 per cent efficiency of twentieth-century public street lamps.

Another separate built-in technology allows communications between a circuit of lights (e.g. those within a street or village), so they can be controlled centrally and remotely.

Select Innovation take home a prize of £40,000 along with the national award hosted by Shell Springboard, a subsidiary company of Shell that supports small and medium business in researching and creating new low carbon products. Other finalists included a biofuel producer from Scottish malt whisky, a thermally efficient breeze block manufacturer and a company making CO2 sensors to reduce energy costs within buildings.

Alice Gribbin is a Teaching-Writing Fellow at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She was formerly the editorial assistant at the New Statesman.