JouleX collaborates with Cisco on energy management program

As a part of the program, JEM will allow Cisco to offer its customers an energy management system

JouleX, a developer of enterprise energy management systems, has partnered with Cisco with its advanced JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) software being accepted into the Cisco EnergyWise partner program.

JEM, which integrates transparently into company networks, enables the enterprises to monitor, analyze and manage the energy used by all IT systems connected to their internal networks including peripherals, other office hardware and even production equipment or data centers.

As a part of the Cisco EnergyWise partner program, JEM will allow Cisco to offer its customers an energy management system that can visualize and control all network-connected devices and realize immediate savings without the need for additional hardware or system changes.

JouleX and Cisco are also planning to develop additional products for office networks in large enterprises and use intelligent, load-adaptive networks to improve energy management performance in data centers.

Load-adaptive networks provides near real-time identification of which network devices are required at any given moment and which can be temporarily deactivated to save energy by combining Cisco's NetFlow traffic analysis tool and JouleX's energy optimization system.

JouleX co-founder and chief architect Josef Brunner said that the JouleX Energy Manager is intended as an integrated, enterprise-wide energy control panel for large companies.

"In partnership with Cisco, we are able to offer our customers a unique solution for optimizing energy management. Our customers save money and, at the same time, achieve long-term improvements in energy efficiency," Brunner said.