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ABB gets $125m offshore wind farm connection contract in Belgium

Wind turbines will be connected by underwater medium-voltage cables to the offshore transformer stat

ABB has received an order worth $125m from the Belgian company C-Power to link the Thornton Bank wind farm off the coast of Belgium to the mainland grid.

The transmission link is part of an expansion of the wind farm, and in the first phase of its development, six wind turbines with a capacity of 30MW were built and temporarily connected to the mainland by ABB.

The second and third phases of the project involve adding 48 wind turbines to the wind farm and permanently connecting all three phases, taking its overall capacity to 325MW.

ABB will be responsible for the system engineering, design, supply and commissioning of the offshore substation and the platform that will house it as well as the underwater and land-based cable systems.

The wind turbines will be connected via underwater medium-voltage cables to the offshore transformer station where the voltage will be boosted to 150kV and connected to the mainland grid.

The electricity will be fed into the grid at the Slijkens high-voltage substation located at Bredene, about 3km inland.