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Wind turbine production to go down

Off-shore wind turbine orders in the UK expected to slump in 2011.

Orders for off-shore wind turbines in the UK are expected to slump in 2011, affecting the creation of 10,000 potential 'green economy' jobs, reports the Guardian.

Analysts predict a dip of 93 per cent in the installation of new offshore windfarms in 2013. Given that orders for supporting equipment such as foundations and cables are made about two years before completion of the project, the decrease in growth will affect suppliers in Britain from the following year.

Windfarm developers have expressed concern that the downturn in the sector will extend for many years, leading to job cuts on a larger scale.

In the next two years, energy companies will likely be planning bids for big "Round 3" projects that will not be active for the next decade or so.
Ventures which could have filled in the vacuum are facing planning and financial difficulties.

In October, Swedish company Vattenfall announced that it would not be expanding its Thanet windfarm, which is the largest offshore project in the world due to lack of access to the power grid.