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Hammersmith and Fulham Council wins grant to improve recycling rates for flat dwellers

Borough's 23,300 high-rise properties have a recycling rate of just 10 per cent

Hammersmith and Fulham (H&F) Council has received a grant of £222,000 from the London Waste and Recycling Board to improve the recycling rate for the residents of flats that make up around 70 per cent of properties in H&F Council but has a recycling rate of just 10 pet cent.

The council will use the grant money to buy Smart Banks for estates where coverage of containers is limited, installing smaller recycling banks on each floor at a suitable location - where room is available to increase participation through improved convenience.

All of the boroughs 23,300 high-rise properties will undergo improvements, which will include converting refuse chutes into recycling chute and providing re-usable sacks - to ease the storage/transport of recycling in flats.

The council's recycling team and homes have created a 'flats inventory' containing information about 250 blocks of flats describing existing refuse/recycling arrangements and identifying opportunities for service improvements to drive an extra 4,600 tonnes of recycling over four years.

H&F Council cabinet member for residents' services Councillor Greg Smith said that very few people realise just how expensive it is for the council to send waste to landfill as the landfill rates have almost doubled in the last two years.