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Integra completes seismic survey in Kazakhstan

Integra subsidiary Azimut Energy Services completes 3D seismic survey over 225sq km.

Integra Group, through its subsidiary Azimut Energy Services (AES), has completed a major 3D seismic survey between July and October for TOO Korned.

The survey of approximately 18,000 shot points covered 225sq km of which roughly 75 per cent lie in the transition zone of the Caspian Sea.

Earlier, Integra completed two other seismic projects in Kazakhstan, and the first survey performed over Kazakhstan's largest gas condensate field utilized 'slip-sweep' vibroseis technology to complete over 270,000 shot points, covering nearly 900sq km in six months.

The equipment enabled average production rates to exceed 1,700 shot points per day, and a maximum of nearly 2,890 shot points per day.

A second major survey over one of Kazakhstan's largest oilfields performed continuous field operations over 300 days, resulting in the acquisition of nearly 70,000 shot points covering 1,100sq km of 3D data.

Together, the three surveys delivered over 360,000 shot points and used resources from the entire Integra Group seismic division: AES, Integra Geophysics and the new JV formed with WesternGeco (Schlumberger).