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LG Electronics to roll out global lighting business before 2012

Firm stresses cost-effectiveness and green credentials of its low-energy lighting products

LG Electronics has planned to develop a global lighting business by the end of 2011 after its LED lighting and Plasma Lighting System (PLS) products have received official certifications from European, Chinese, Japanese and Korean governments for energy efficiency, quality, safety and eco-friendliness.

LG's long lasting 53W LED flat lighting, claimed to deliver energy saving of up to 70% compared to existing fluorescent lamps, has received energy efficiency certification from the Korea Energy Management.

The Swedish Institute for Testing and Approval of Electrical Equipment, the China Quality Certification Center and Japan Electronical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories have certified two of LG's PLS fittings: PSH07, a 730W interior light, and PSF10, 1kW flood-lighting system.

While LG's PLS lights adopt technology based on microwave plasma emissions, the company's LED lighting products use its proprietary core optic technology, heat management and circuit design to deliver energy savings.

LG, which started rolling off its LED production line in Gumi, located in North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea, last September, expects to reach an annual production capacity of approximately 5 million units by 2012.

LG Electronics vice president of lighting and solution business team Yonghwan Kim said that with long-honed expertise in energy efficient technologies, the potential for LG to make a significant environmental contribution is enormous.